Another blow against our National Fabric

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. The Bliar Broadcasting Corporation has recently decided to scrap the medley of British Folk tunes which heralds each new day on Radio 4.

    The tune was composed by Fritz Spiegel (not a very British name - but he did it to commemorate and musically define our unique island heritage).

    The news made me at first furious, and then just overwhelmingly sad because of the way it has just been railroaded through by a new geezer, also with a dodgy handle, who I reckon has never actually listened to the tune. OK I don't catch it everyday, but on those occasions when I'm up I do. I'm normally on my way to the coast to go sailing if I do hear it - we then get the Shipping Forecast. It is simply an 'institution', albeit only 33 years old. But there is no reason on Earth to bin it!

    Log onto and make your views known!
  2. Said @rsewipe tried justifying it being removed by saying they needed more news coverage on radio 4, saying to John Humphrys "some people are up before the Today programme starts at 6 you know John". Perhaps someone should tell him that they've probably been awake long enough to hear the last World Service news that runs from 5-5.30 on the R4 wavelengths.

    What he couldn't say was that anyone had asked for more news or complained about the 'theme'.

    PS - the link is, 12,000+ votes so far
  3. The term I would use is cultural erosion.
  4. For those who want to make their views known the site is

    Got to say that I hear that theme on quite a few mornings and take great pleasure in turning it up very loud and annoying all the boxhead drivers around me.

    As if we don't get enough doom and gloom news reports in the mornings, this @rrse wants to gives even more.
  5. I thought someone was trying to ban Burberry or something........

    What about putting said music forward as an Icon on the website highlighted in another thread currently running elsewhere?
  6. Aww no way! It would be like banning Fish 'n' Chips or the Liberal Party not being the 'Joke' in UK Politics :lol:

    Used to listen to it every morning when driving in at 'sparrows' for the early shift at Leuchars, don’t know why, but the tune just seemed to click in a 'Apocalypse Now' Huey over the delta sort of way going round the perry track towards 111 Sqn as you drove past the estuary on the right and the sea mist slowly lifting with the 'thump' of the 'suicidal bunnies' going under the Volvo 8O

    Bl**dy things were everywhere!!! the only place I've been other than site guard that had two security fences, One at the normal 2.4 mtrs to keep in the singlies and another at about 500mm to keep out the bunnies!!!
  7. [​IMG]

  8. Wasnt aware there were two 6 o'clocks in a day. Could someone post a link to the tune so I can refresh my braincell please
  9. Sorry, my sound card is shot on the laptop but it starts off like this:
    "Dur di dee dee dur di dur dee, dur dee dur dee dee duh duh duh duh" with a trumpet or two.
    You need to go up and down the scale a bit, but it is as I remember it, sort of.
  10. Bugger! I've just missed the new Radio 4 twot trying to defend his decision on 'Feedback'. Anyone catch it?
  11. When will R4 controllers learn that they mess with the format of this fine channel at their peril? I'm also pi$$ed off that BBC World Service have curtailed 'Lilly Bolero', which now ends halfway through, as though someone has hit the pause button.

    Radio 4 Theme (Requires 'Real One' Player)
  12. Yep, usual Birtist "We hear what you say (in caring voice) but tough t*t; we are going to get rid of it anyway as segments of our audience research show that our crack of dawn audience wants tw@tting over the head with yet more news, and hey I am very intelligent and you arn't."
  13. As a replacement try this:

    Dum de dum de dum de dum,
    Dum de dum de dum dum,
    Dum de dum de dum de dum,
    Dum de diddley dum,
    Dum de diddley,
    Dum de diddley,
    Dum de diddley dum
    Dum de dum de dum de dum
    Dum de diddley dum!
  14. Okay, so The Archers are the only feckers up early enough to hear it, but that's not the point!
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    More to the point why don't they play the tune at a more appropiate time when most of us are up and about. Or second thought: Perhaps BFBS could take it on.