Another Bloody Sunday Inquest.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Why the f*ck do Rupublicans always play the 'We're always the victims' card? What about all theose murdured by Republican terrorists? (leaving aside those murdered by loyalist's,which is seperate issue in this case)
    About time they lay the past to rest & moved on.

  2. Because the Republicans want revenge.

    No sorry I meant justice. :roll:
  3. Fekkin typical we shoot a terrorist and they drag out another inquest, they shoot one of us and the wonker is already out of jail and probably a member of the fekking Northern Irish Assembly getting paid by the taxpayer and haveing a good book deal in septic land, makes my sick
  4. Spike 7451, I suggest you calm down. Who says this lady is a 'Republican'. The matter is being looked at by the Historical Crimes Team, not the 'Histerical' Crimes Team!

    They found enough evidence in the original RUC investigation to suggest that their treatment of this matter was " hopelessly inadequate and dreadful". This is the same team who are still pursuing the murderers of Bobby Nirac.
  5. Several years ago I investigated a sudden death of a person who had been shot in an incident several years before by the army where he had been injured and his friend had been killed. The death was connected to his injuy so the old investigation had to be located.
    What was found in the file was the biggest lot of obvious lies and misleading statements from the soldiers involved I have ever seen and the investigation was ,to put it mildly, lazy,shoddy and totally covered up what had happened, basically writing off the incident with "no further police action".
    This one sounds similar so it should in my opinion should be looked at again.
  6. Can we afford another enquiry? After all, we're busy switching off the lights and heating to save money - how can we justify anther expensive public enquiry?

  7. Spike is just right. This latest farce will just like the one before it, a waste of time, effort and money. I'm sure this lad was just out getting milk for his ill grandmother.
  8. I guess, put yourself in the relatives shoes. Let's assume he was an innocent bystander and shot without good reason, wouldn't you want his name cleared? And, if you're comparing killings by Republican terrorists to the Army, what does that say? We know one acted illegally but the other shouldn't, after all.

    Compared the the MP's unfair expense claims the cost of the inquiry will probably be peanuts.
  9. Going by past example, quite a lot of peanuts.

  10. It's not an inquiry, though - it's a new inquest. These are relatively unusual, but nothing new and very, very unlikely to cost millions like Saville is doing unless there's some spectacular c*ck-up.
  11. Both sides here have a point.

    1. Bloody expensive: I can't stand the "public Inquiry" faction of the "Something must be done" brigade if there are matters surrounding the death that need restating or clarifying surely reopening a coroners enquiry is the cost effective way. They are a standard mechanism for establishing circumstances around deaths and don't require swathes of barristers and millions of pounds. And if it concludes its unlawful murder take it from there.

    2. What's it for: The article Spike posted even says there has already been an acknowledgement by the MOD that the victim was not a terrorist so what is the enquiry actually for?

    3. Charged statements: Trooper the very fact that you don't make the distinction between a kid "on the way to the store for milk" (to paraphraseone of the posts) and an actual terrorist doesn't help to convince the victims family that their son's name has been cleared.

    4. I agree Spike the "I'm a vactam" (excuse the attempts to do the accent ;) ) sounds like a broken record.
  12. Well there you go, there's an existing mechanism in place to deal with the issue. Presumably no need for seperate enquiry. :!:

  13. Errrr................... exactly.
  14. Come on Spike whatever this one is it doesn't look like the the usual bunch of grave dancing chuckies.
    It was a fifteen year old kid. If the history boys are reopening it I'm sure they aren't doing it for fun or under orders from the deputy first minister