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I was extremely angry and upset to read an article in the Sun (well it was lying around and I didn't have to pay for it) this morning from yet another whingeing scrounging bitch demanding a six figure amount after winning a sex and racial discrimination case against MOD. At the risk of being accused of being a racist misogynist please allow me to enlighten you of its content, with a few of my observations interspersed: My apologies in advance to any of the younger and still serving colleagues who may disagree violently.


A single mum soldier was last night seeking a six-figure payout after winning sex and race discrimination claims against the Army.

T***** D*B**** 28 was disciplined after failing to appear on parade because she could find no one to look after her daughter.

(Presumably she must have known about the parade in advance meaning she was too lazy to seek alternative arrangements !)

Her Commanding Officer in the 10th Signal Regiment told her the Army was "unsuitable" for a single mother who could not sort out childcare.

(Of course this should be alleged but it is quite valid)

Mum-of-one Miss D*B**** - a Foreign and Commonwealth soldier from St Vincent and the Grenadines - had family accommodation at Chelsea Barracks in South West London. (Lucky Her !)

She wanted to bring her half-sister over from her home country to look after her daughter T*****, now four.

(Why - are'nt there any local nannies or child carers or does she expect the taxpayer to fund her sister's travel and benefits so she, (the mother) doesn't have to pay anything ?)

But Army chiefs told her immigration rules meant she could only stay for six months.

(Government Policy - not the MOD's-they appeared to be willing to compromise)

Miss D*B**** feared she was on a "path to dismissal" and quit the Army after seven years of service.

(Was she actually threatened with dismissal - if not she has voluntarily broken her contract with the Army)

A panel at Central London Employment Tribunal criticised the Army for not making childcare arrangements.

(Surely this is the parents responsibility, not the Army's)

It ruled they treated her less favourably than male soldiers and non Foreign and Commonwealth counterparts.

(Bollocks - she chose to become pregnant-she could have chosen an abortion if she was so serious about an Army career as a single soldier !)

The MOD claims Miss D*B**** could have taken another posting. They appealed against the rulings but lost. She is wrangling over a payout. The hearing continues.

(Why did she choose not to co-habit with the father ?)
Good to see the Int Corps at the sharp end when it comes to information as usual!!
It's being discussed in Current Affairs - but to paraphrase my comments in there: she tried it on, and got away with it because the Army/MoD were utterly incompetent. The real scandal is that the idiots in the CoC/MoD who are responsible for losing so much public money are still employed. Lose a civvy firm this much because you're a lousy manager and see what happens.
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