Another Bleeding Chancer Tries It On

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuckFelize, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. Done yesterday,but certainly worth a re-run.
  2. Why's she a chancer?
  3. That's provided me with my WTF moment of the day.
  4. Perhaps the other thread was too subtly named:

    WPC appears on telly programme whilst on sick leave
  5. Upon further reflection I think she is a pure winner.

    First she goes on the sick because she cant hack the job.

    Next she decides to properly mug off her employer on national TV.

    She get's away with it scott free and get's to sit on her ample arse all day eating biscuits paid for by a nice MD pension.

    And now she is back for more free cash because she couldn't hack her job,again.

    I hope she gets a massive payout followed by an appearance on the Krypton Factor.
  6. I actually made a point of looking before initiating another thread. I missed yesterday's as I was off sick. Baboom tish! Mods feel free to bin. This is one of the reasons why I never start threads, as my inherent mongness bubbles to the surface.
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  7. Another sponging tosser who can't/refuses to,take resposibilty,for herself,then blames her CoC,for not helping to get her back to fitness,what else is new? :roll:
  8. The 51-year-old was signed off work with stress when she took part in the show last year

    Miss Hart took sick leave in late 2009 due to stress, which she attributed to the emotionally demanding nature of her work, excessive caseload, and lack of support from senior officers.

    She had been moved to the force’s domestic violence unit after returning from another lengthy sick leave for a shoulder injury – apparently caused by wearing heavy body armour.

    Although the force took no disciplinary action, she was forced to take medical retirement after its occupational therapists concluded she would never be well enough to resume full time service.

    All boxes ticked for an early retirement on 'health grounds' as soon as she hit 50.

    She played it by the numbers and is now going for the cherry on the cake.
  9. No brainer really, the Force, if it has an HR Director with some balls and a brain simply uses these:

    He should say: "We allowed her sick leave in order to get better, she was taking charge of her own physical fitness as demonstarted by her participation in the show - which we find commendable".

    He should then say: "If wearing body armour causes her injury then she is sadly not fit to serve as a police officer. All police officers need to be able to wear body armour in accordance with Home Office guidelines and Force Health and Safety policy - this is for the personal safety of the officer which to us is paramount".
  10. I'd rather watch the fat slag compete in a new game show based on the Arnie movie, The Running Man; untermenschen are hunted down and killed on live TV...^_~
  11. Well allowances have to be made for you RAF types.
  12. No shit you have a version of Wipe Out too? That's fantastic! I find the red balls of doom never get old.

  13. Ours is, however, ruined by an annoying, un-funny, over exposed and over paid commentator.

    Apart from that thanks for the programme. Images of desperate people getting their faces battered by gravity and padded plastic has gave me a lot of belly laughs. Some of the falls put Peckinpah in the shade.
  14. A picture paints a thousand words..........

    The pig in question