Another Black Watch ....

I've know the Black Watch Regiment in Canada is (officially) affiliated with our own 42nd/73rd of Foot, but are this lot allowed to use the hackle and name?

A US high school 'drill' team? What is the world coming too?????

What a crock of sh it
Doesn't look like they wear red hackles or kilts.

Seems they've copyrighted themselves though. See the copyright note on the bottom of their site page.

Oh well soon there will just be the Royal Highlanders of Canada (Black Watch) left, and them.
What a gem. Merkator, I think you've uncovered the Mother Lode here. Seriously if you haven't taken the link to this site you are missing a real treat. Some of the quotes are hilarious. I defy you not to laugh out loud. Like this quote from Major Greg Mikesell:

My cadets are only as good as tomorrow.
If my son said he wanted to something like this I'd slap him into next year.
Biscuits_AB said:
lancslad said:
Biscuits_AB said:
Mister_Angry said:

This'd be a gay thing, right?
If it's not, it should be.
Plaster on Neck = Lovebite 8O?

The guy on the right looks like a right fruit and the bloke on the left looks like he's wearing a caliper...or should be (strange way to stand?)
The fella on the left looks a mite nervous... 8O Please tell me there isn't a "post-coitus" photo elsewhere on this dubious website...

Biscuits_AB said:
Nervous?....he looks terrified!
Is the one on the right also wearing make-up 8O

His name is Abdul. His friends call him Abz. The Black Watch county calls him Mr. Loyal Aficionado. Major Mikesell calls him son. The Drill World calls him National Champion Abdul. We call him Sir Abdul, and each entity refers to him with a sundry, lone given name. His heart is a multi level palace, and Black Watch has a penthouse. Who is Abdul? What’s his story?
During his huge success of loyalty expression of Black Watch, the number one question about Abdul has been is he obsessed? which has flooded emails, conversations and message boards on the net. Certainly several people have come to his defense in this department, including Major Mikesell, who refers to him as “second son”. Perhaps never in the history of Black Watch has an admirer been so plagued by fortitude of being devotee as has been Abdul Al-Romaizan. Born in Milan, Italy, Abdul has managed to focus out questions about his private life to become one of the biggest pursuit draws in the world. The first thing that lures you to Abdul is his human-like attitude, and the way he carries himself is what makes him diverse from the others. He is the combination of bent, strength, and charisma. As the son of an incredibly eminent Saudi father, his scholastic career got off to an early start at the age of 11 when he was sent to one of the popular private boarding schools in England. Interestingly, Abdul decided to move to the United States for his High School epoch. Valley Forge Military Academy was the right step to for him to success. The movie “Taps”, which was filmed at Valley Forge Military Academy, grasped his attention, and he felt in love with what he saw. The dream of him going to that school became a reality during the same summer, and it turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime for Abdul to explore. He was no different leaving the academy when he was 17. Abdul graduated from the Military Junior College of Valley Forge as the regimental commander in 2000, and then attended Berets Honors College of Business Administration at Arizona State University from which he graduated in May 2002.
We are not worthy...


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Yes its plonk, but why are these people calling themselve 'the Black Watch'? Because they realiise that the British Army is the best army in the world and that the BW is one of its best Regiments. They want a bit of reflected glory. Its a tribute. Its a pity that our dear leader and his lackies don't realise that they are wrecking part of what makes our Army the best. Or perhaps they do, and thats why they are doing it.
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Well, at least we know they're 'jocks'....

"The first thing that lures you to Abdul is his human-like attitude".......('away team to mother ship...away team to mother ship....*beep* come in')
Just watched some of their videos, and not exactly impressed. If you watch the Drill Lords one, then they look like a bunch of majorettes!!!!

Not bad drill in some of the squad stuff, but hardly representative of the Black Watch!!!
Plastic Squaddie said:
Cpl_ripper said:

What a crock of sh it
He's got more medals than a Russian General! 8O
And he has never been anywhere. In fact I can't find any proof that he actually served in a proper military unit. He's a first class Walt.

Check out his web page www.thedrilljungle.comDrill has always been on a par with syncronised swimming for me so I'm hardly likely to be impressed

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