Another 'Bird shagged by married SNCO then dumped' story.

Ho humm - here we go again...from the Sun.......

Para bedded me ... Army demoted me

Defence Editor

A STUNNING girl soldier told last night how her life was left in tatters by a forbidden fling with a Para cad.

Brunette Private Mandy Curtis, 21, had a passionate nine-month affair with married Staff Sergeant Nathan Williams.

The pair, front-line medics with elite 16 Air Assault Brigade, enjoyed steamy romps all over their barracks while officers weren’t looking.

Mandy told how they bonked in the medical stores, training wing and her room in the female sleeping block.

They also enjoyed romps at hotels — after which Williams would go back to the house he shared with his wife.

But after promising to leave his missus for her, Mandy claimed, the 33-year-old sarge left her in the lurch as their passion was exposed.

And Mandy told The Sun that while HE was allowed to move to a dream job, SHE was dumped in a dead-end office as a shamed outcast.

Looking trim in her uniform with maroon paratroopers’ beret, Mandy said: “Nathan meant everything to me. I thought we were going to spend the rest of our life together. Now I’ve been left with nothing and the career I loved is over. It feels like I’ve been thrown to the dogs and he’s got away with it.”

Mandy arrived at 16 Close Support Medical Regiment in March 2003 after training with the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Most of the unit had been sent to Iraq and just a rear party was kept at Goojerat Barracks in Colchester, Essex.

Tough-guy Williams, who wears with pride the wings showing he is qualified to parachute in to aid wounded soldiers, took an immediate shine to newcomer Mandy.

They first became intimate after a boozy barbecue when he offered to walk her back to her quarters.

Mandy, said: “I knew he was married and that it was wrong but I was lonely and he gave me the impression he was in an unhappy marriage and it was coming to an end.”

The couple took huge risks to bonk wherever they could — with “90 per cent” of the sex on the base.

Mandy, from Chesterfield, Derbys, added: “After three months it got really serious and that’s when he first said he would leave his wife.

“I had fallen in love with him and we planned a new life. Everything was perfect and I was very happy.”

Gossip about the affair grew so intense the pair were hauled before a major.

At first they denied it but later had to own up.

Despite extra-marital flings being strictly against the rules, they were left off with hefty fines.

Welsh-born Williams was allowed to leave to take up a new job training TA medics in Cardiff, a posting he had wanted for two years.

But Mandy — already removed from her highly-regarded job of Post Orderly — was put down as a “disruptive influence” and relegated to a skivvy in a back office.

She now faces a court-martial for going public and a series of disciplinary offences.

But she said: “I want everyone to know how Nathan treated me. It was all lies and he just used me for sex.

“My life is a nightmare now. I feel the Army have totally let me down. It’s like there was one rule for Nathan and one for me.”

But Staff Sgt Williams said: “She wanted me to leave my wife and I said no. As far as I was concerned it was just sex. This is all about revenge.”

The MoD said: “It would not be appropriate to comment on this soldier while legal proceedings are under way.”

The Army has been hit by a string of sex scandals this year including a colonel stepping down after fathering a love child and two Sandhurst instructors romping with girl recruits in the same hotel room.

And the link so you can all check her out........,,2004341578,00.html
But Mandy — already removed from her highly-regarded job of Post Orderly — was put down as a “disruptive influence” and relegated to a skivvy in a back office.
RAMC~ post orderly i bet it is highly regarded within the corps :lol: and then to get! that is an impresive demotion :wink:
As a Medic, Post orderly is the shiit job of the unit! They both look familiar, can't blame him though. She's a bit of a stunner.

Serious side here, she knows the rules. Blab to the press whilst still serving and expect the brown stuff to descend from a great height.

Mind you, the Maroon side of our corps tend to look after their own :roll:
shes got tremendous lungs and is a bit of a babe, and he looks a chopper in that pink hat, looks like someone dropped a damp rag on his head.

Highly regarded post orderly :lol: :lol: shell be in even more poo for going to the paps!!
That's a Babe?

Fellas, you need to get out more :D
So i wonder how much she got for her little story?

I know it's not PC in this day and age but i'm glad i wasn't in a mixed unit. Can well do without the hassles, it's not anyones fault but you put men and women together and it's going to happen.
When you play with fire, expect to get your fingers burnt.

What did she expect whinging cow.

They should both be kicked out.

So feckin what if shes a bit of alright, with large puppies and a better than average dogs dinner face. So what.

She fecked around with another womans man, got burnt and expects sympathy.

My heart bleeds purple urine :x
Shes only a tom and hasnt been in long enough to be issued a fat arrse and a bulldog chewing a wasp face.
She ain't all that

Better than average, and still not a patch on some squaddiechicks I've seen :D

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