Another BFG 414 question

The other half has headed off to Afghan and left me to sort his car out. He got his BFG414 before he left Germany, but then managed to crash on the way home. The car was in a garage in Belgium for so long that his BFG 414 had expired by the time he got to the UK. He's compounded the problem by not registering the car at all and just leaving it sitting on the drive for months, so now it's VERY out of date.

Does anyone know if there is any way to get a replacement BFG414, or is it tough luck? I've tried calling BFG VLO, but I'm getting a very helpful message saying that their telephone advice line is closed until further notice. I've also been tried UK Customs, but have been told that I can only communicate with the relevant department by letter!

If I can't get hold of a replacement BFG414, is the right thing to do to just use a UK 414? Am I going to get him in any trouble if I do this? I understand he's going to get a 5 year ban, but one person I spoke to started talking about how his CO would get involved and he was in breach of some kind of order. I think if that's the case then it might just be worth scrapping his car and pretending it never happened!

Thanks very much for your help.

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