Another barrier in the gender wars about to come crashing down.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Barrier? Gender wars?

    Women will never be MEN.

    Trolololol :)
  3. It'll be funny watching her embarrass herself.

    At Uni, a Female County level player came to our nets. We actually started to feel bad batting and bowling against her, as there is something ungentlemanly about smashing every one of her balls out of the nets. A gentlemanly front foot defensive shot every time, coupled with ultra slow deliveries to her kept inter-sex relations sweet.

    I'm not really that sexist, but female cricket is just ultra-shite.
  4. You and them have something in common then, you pubeless cunt.

  5. Is this another "Post a pic we don't believe you durr hurr I'm in the Army hurr hurr"

    If it is I will gladly post my fine shaven pubic hair.
  6. Post a pic? Is this facebook or You gopping decliner of the vagina.
  7. Bro that was mean I don't decline vagina they decline me :(
  8. Never mind Aaron's dribbling. Has she got big tits and how much do they bounce when she runs? Any videos anywhere? And yes, I'm to idle too google it.

    Edit: Just watched the video on the link above. What kind of scantily clad female sports outfit is that? About as revealing as wearing a hessian sack. Pfft, rubbish.
  9. By outdated attitude you mean the dilution of fitness tests for Army, Police and Fire to ensure they don't discriminate against wimmin?
  10. Wimmin? Multi breed?
  11. Whose sock puppet are you again?
  12. wim·min

    plural noun
    women (sometimes also used as a feminist spelling to avoid the sequence m-e-n ).
  13. Well dog my cats
  14. What's a sock puppet babe x
  15. Utter nonsense, this equality bollocks. True equality would mean letting men into women's teams on the same day she plays for a men's team. And all that would achieve was to show that women are inferior at most sports and that their team's are 'B' teams at best.

    Just let all sports become mixed-sex and see how long this 'equality' bullshit lasts. Mixed rugby and boxing would soon shut them up, but I have a keen interest in mixed wrestling.