Another balls-up by the Home Office?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. See:,,2-2233417,00.html "Borders left wide open with posts unmanned"
  2. Unfortunately, everything with law enforcement is now "intelligence led" - that time honoured phrase, which means that if an honest punter turns up, there is no-one there at the desk as they are all turning a plane over. Same goes for poilice, immigration, tax evasion etc etc
    ps HM Revenue & Customs is run by HM Treasury, not the Home Office
  3. This is what I said in my thread yesterdy on this..

    They are too busy pestering the Calais day tripper than hunting for illegall immigrants and drugs!!. Im glad Hoover Speed won there court case againt the Customs for illegally confiscating items i.e booze & fags from there customers. I went on a day trip once and the Customs were at the service station next to the QE2 Bridge looking at what the day trippers were taking off the coach. No wonder the Airports are empty of Customs officers!!