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Another badge for submariners

Well trainee submariners that is:

I wonder what the criteria is for these? If you fail training or decide to return to the general service, do you still keep these to show you at least tried?
Personally I think it’s a waste of money on top of the new rig, new branch badges, etc that this skint navy seems to want to fritter away. The idea of dolphins is to show you’re qualified, they go above medals to recognise that you’re not going to get many opportunities to get medals (these days who is? ). What happens to these when you qualify? In the bin? Get handed back to your training team?

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I always thought the incentive to do hard or arduous courses was to earn the badge at the end of it all (and to be qualified in the weird and wonderful role you trained in of course).
Surely this would save money....

I’ll get my coat ....

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