Another baby killed by dog

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Danny_Dravot, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. words escape me, the stupidity of some people....

    in short the 'parents' had left a 16y/o child in charge of 3 small children including the baby and were at a nearby property...a seven y/o had taken the baby to see the dog in the garden...when...oddly enough the dog went banzai and mauled the baby

    maybe if that other old doris had got 20yrs for letting her dog kill her grand-child, these people may have thought more carefully about their actions

    Dead Baby
  2. Some people reject "the nanny state". Something has to be done to protect these brain dead people from themselves. Unfortunately you cannot teach common sense, nor can you control the homing of dogs. :cry:
  3. Its an accident. No call for outrage really.

    If one were to be flippant, one would say this is evolution in action.

    But that would be inappropriate.
  4. Rest in Peace Rottweiler. Hope Wakefield City Council will be flying the Saudi Flag at half mast for you.
  5. I wish people would realise that a dog is an animal with animal instincts. If they trained them properly and let the dog know where they stood in the pack, theese things wouldn't happen. It's people who are the problem.IMHO.

  6. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    seconded - and no matter how stupid ppl are - they're still able to reproduce themselves ... unfortunately
  7. It is a tragic accident made worse by the foolishness of the parents ... they left small children in the care of a juvenile and in the company of a dog. The dog was obviously stressed and had behavior problems; a dog usually attacks someone if it feels threatened, it's usual instinct is to retreat.

    My dog (a staffie) is 100% placcid around people, and especially children. But she would never be left alone with a child, not for one moment because children do not understand that a dog can feel threatened by chasing it around, prodding it and stressing it out ... a dog needs to be able to retreat to a safe area when threatened where it can regain some space.

    The parents/adults in this latest case are to blame, probably through ignorance ... and now they have to live with their mistake. A terrible mistake.
  8. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ouch... but I noticed at the end he got a nice pat on the back, nice touch that.
    I wonder what his crime was?
  9. It may be inappropriate but it's true.
  10. Again, IF all dogs were licensed, it would then put the owness upon the owner to ensure that all reasonable steps were made to ensure all those who came into contact with their dogs were not at risk!

    If you treat all dogs as you would a four year old child, you would have it about right, as there are no such things as bad dogs, just bad owners.

    The dog in question was a Yard Dog by all accounts, so a dog that perhaps was not use to small children, and when children shout or scream, the dog WILL react, in a way it's instincts tell it to! More so in this case when it seems not to be a family / house dog! So why was it kenneled outdoors?
    If it was seen as a percieved risk by the owner, why was it not at least muzzled, or better in a proper secure dog run?

    Or was this poor dog an accessory, to show off and help in their eyes to protect the property?

    It makes my blood boil to see dogs, cats and other pets so treated, as to revert to type, in this case a "WOLF"!

    I have two Boxers, they go where we go and I would not allow them to be at home with just a minor, be that in age, or IQ!

    When will people become GOOD pet owners and not just a social accessory

    :x :x :x :x

  11. As you say a terrible mistake,about the same as the McCans,charge the parents with neglect and make these fcukwits think twice about owning a dog
  12. you say accident...

    the term accident implies no blame...i disagree
  13. "All breeds of dogs are animals. They do revert to animal instincts. If a dog is confronted with a situation they are not used to, they can react unexpectedly."

    What aload of shite!

    An animal with heightened senses should have realised the infant was of no threat! Although, where the fu*ck were the parents??? Down the pub! The Marksman should have shot the parents aswell!
  14. I have to say that had it been in the Peoples Republic of South Yorkshire, I would have have been surprised at all.

    In Rotherham the people are muzzled and not the dogs!! :wink:
  15. Nice to see the police marksmen shooting a real criminal for a change...