Another Austrian perv unearthed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Good lad.....
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  2. Love the fact they had to mention Hitler in the first paragraph.
  3. It's the Belgians I feel sorry for; they used to be famous for chocolate, Van Damme and some of the world's creepiest sex offenders. Now Van Damme's doing shit adverts for Coors Beer and the Austrian's have taken Gold Medal in the Pervert's Olympics.
  4. What, no pictures?! Fuckin' spoilsports.
  5. "The hills are alive,
    with the sound of incest...'
  6. Is he a Catholic priest?
  7. Belgians at it, Austrians at it, there,s something wrong with our bloody country these days, no blasted imagination or derring do, thats the short answer, Bah!, humbug.
  8. He had sex with Hitler!?!?!?!?
  9. Not another one what is it with those dirty Aussie *****

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  10. Yes, very important that. He lived there with his family until the age of 3....
  11. Van Damme's adverts are the ones on TV that annoy me the least. I'm not buying Coors though.
  12. And echos as well check out the first post trigger
  13. Should I be worried that Arnold is an Austrian by birth?

    Arnold as Conan.jpg