Another ATR allegation probe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, May 13, 2006.

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  1. The forces favourite newspaper has been busy again. I'm beginning to wonder just how much and how inticing the money is for these clips for people to make and sell on.

  2. Just seen it on the morning news. Ah didums, did it sting his eyes and make him cough. Its not fair this Army training.
  3. There is a picture and explanation in Sir Peter De La Billiere's autobiography showing him coming out of the chamber is rag order as well. This really is nothing new and I expect that most of us on this site have gone through the same routine - the DS say one needs to answer 3 simple questions and then follow up with a dozen more. Luckily I was at the end of the line and the CS has disappated but still, it made the eyes smart a bit! "The Forces' Favourites" are very tiresome indeed!
  4. Didn't we all go through this? I seem to remember it being seriously unpleasent and very funny at the same time.
  5. It brought tears to my eyes hearing about it.

    Quick message to the SCUM.

    So fcuking what!
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    When on AACC we went into the chamber wearing wooly pullies and after doing the biz we then had to run somewhere. Body heat quickly warmed the jumpers & the CS oozed out, oh the joy of running with tears down our faces. :lol:
  7. Back in the good old days (etc etc) I remember having to remove the resi, and state number, rank, name, DOB, home town and anythign else the screws thought would delay us re-entering the real world or untainted air. once we had gone through it (which by the way was on video and I'm sure I have a copy somewhere) we found it hilarious as we watched everyone else go through the same thing. It didn't do any harm (that I'm aware of) it showed us exatly how effective the S10 is, and was another shared experience that made us into a proper troop.
    I'm in favour of troops experienceing CS, but in a controlled manner.
  8. Absolutely pathetic, firstly most serving and ex have been through the chamber and been subjected to the affects of CS, a necessary training requirement, but what really grips my sh@t is why are recruits / instructors allowed to have camera / video phones on them during training, surely there are some serious security issues there.

    All I remember from basic and the chamber was a certain instructor seemed to be immune to the CS and stood in said chamber without respirator and expected each and everyone who entered to have a good sniff of the vile stuff, cough, splutter and run around outside the chamber downwind of the rest of the troop who would be laughing their socks off, till it was their turn!!
  9. That's a good point and the only really relevant one. How is it the SCUM and the like get hold of shite like this? Its because idiots carry video phones or cameras around waiting to see if it can go to 'Are you being framed' or the SCUM.

    There were cameras in my day. They were never used, camera was nice and handy but the battery was bigger than the gas chamber.

    Oh, the joys of modern technology!
  10. It appears to be exactley the same as happened to me and I'm sure the same as you guys. Problem is we are not dealing with military people and they dont understand the guys and gals who are. I'm sure after this they all laughed at each other over a brew or something stronger.
  11. Our Troop NCO's used a video to tape much of our training, this was edited and showed everything from arrving looking like scruffy hippies, through to the pass off parade, where we looked like a bunch of scruffy recruits. We didn't have to buy it, just provide them with a blank tape marked with No rank and Name, if we wanted a copy.
  12. Jesus, someone ought to tell the Scum the forces hate them and it doesn't help when they try to sensationalyze (selling timothy) something that everyone goes through.

    Haven't yet seen the footage only a quick snippet on the TV anyone seen the full thing yet? Is it just the normal messing around that goes on?

    If only we could do something about the Sun they're just becoming a pain in the arrse!
  13. IMHO....another SCUM storm in a teacup.

    We all have to do NBC trg. The chamber is part of it and is a regular requirement. How else can you properly check your resi fits and your drills are upto standard?

    The filming of such events is a double edge sword. It can show that the trg was conducted properly, the DS acted within the rules and the trainees were or were not upto scratch. Video evidence should you need to bin a trainee. On the other hand it can show that the DS f*cked up and should be disciplined. If you are going to film such events, make sure that you and your staff are beyond reproach otherwise you will be facing the music with only yourselves to blame.
  14. Aye, I would have like to see footage of me in the chamber (and the bloke who was immune and swept it out), at the end of the day yeah it's something you cack yourseolf about or worry about a bit at least before you do it, but afterwards it's something funny that everyone talks about! It's yet another experience that draws recruits together! Like when you go outside and rub your eyes just like everyone says not to, or get gassed again by your suit.... it's funny end of!

    Maybe we should organise a demo outside the Scum's offices?
  15. Maybe we should organise a demo INSIDE the Scum's offices?
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