Another Athsma Thread

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Matthius07, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. Okay, this should be different.

    Basically, I've been clear from Athsma for over 3 years now, I know fully that you need to be clear for 4 years minimum before they even consider you. That said, I am aware of some further tests that must be undergone, which I honestly am not looking forward to, just in case. I can speak to the Recruiters, but they don't do the Medicals, they just tell me what I know already no offence :wink:

    Basically, I never had an attack, I never NEEDED my inhaler, the doctors weren't happy and my mother had to remind me to take it.. so I decided to go to the doctor who ceased my perscription 3 years ago. I am very worried about it, even though I am constantly reassured i'll be fine.

    To clarify, if I tell the Medical Inspector this, that I never had an attack, I never used my inhaler and the like, will this mean that they bear this in mind and I do not need to be further tested as such, or will I just be another one of these poor buggers undertaking this breath into the tube test, made to worry because of a stupid, with all due respect, doctor for ruining my life :) If anyone is experienced enough to tell me all they know, i'll be very greatful :?
  2. Anyone wanna reply? :p
  3. The rules are very clear
    Asthma, wheeze or asthma symptoms or treatment ( ie renewing a prescription or using the inhaler) within the past four years. can stop you from joining the Army.

    wether you tell the chaps in the recruiting office or not it does not matter as it will be high lighted on the RG8 (Medical form) that you and your GP fill out which is sent to the Army Doctors.

    Honestly is the best policy anyway. It is worth speaking to your GP to make you are Asthma clear as it is his input onto the medical form that they will take notice of not yours.

    Once the form is submitted their are several possiblities-

    1. The Army is happy that you are clear no problems carry on.

    2. The Army is happy that you are clear but you will undergo a lung functions test to confirm it at ADSC.

    3. They might request more information from your GP which could result in you being medically deffered until the four years or longer is up.

    4. If you are deffered their is a right of appeal, to submit an appeal you require medical evidence that you are clear ie visit the Asthma Clinic at your local hospital have test etc this coupled with a letter from GP, asthma clinic etc is submitted and your case will be reviewed and a decision made.

    You are not alone many men and women go through this everyday trying to join the Army its a fact of life, take every step as it comes and remember any appeal made must be supported by medical evidence !

    Hope this helps
  4. Alright Avre! So I'm hoping for Option A, you've been a great help, and from reading all 4 of the possibilities they all sound reasonable, I like the fact I can appeal aswell, however, I seriously hope option 1 is the case :p
  5. Good luck !
  6. As you said
    but what ever the outcome you will still have to have a spiro test when you go down to ADSC. This had just started at the beginning of 2006 just before i left recruiting, anyone who had ever had anything asthma related on their RG8 were booked on the selection seperately even once 4 years clear.
  7. My mates advice, friend to friend not doctor to friend ;)

    So.. hopefully i'll be okay fitness wise. Can anyone tell me honestly whether they think i'll pass as i've never had an attack and I never needed my inhaler, I was forced to take it, I know everyone says this.. but how bad must your athsma have been for you to fail :O If I prepare physically will it improve my chances of passing? Hmm..