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Last Asthma topic from i promise! just sent my med notes off to ADSC today along with a note from the asthma nurse with my peak flow reading on and a note saying 'asthma dorment' on my actual notes my GP wrote 'asthma resolved' next to the question, i also included my appraisal from the navy stating my physical abilities were above average. its just that my last treatment was in march 03, i know its not 4 years clear yet, but they never mentioned anything in my medical for the Royal Navy and again for the Royal Marines. Just really wondering if anyone with any experience of the selection process can give me any indication as to what may happen from here.
Cheers fellas, (and felladettes)
im going off my tits with frustration
Ok, you need to make sure you inform the medics of this. The rule is 4 years clear, I have not heard of any waivers on this time. If you get in and do not declare it they will receive your medical notes from your GP while you are in training. Once our Dr sees this you will be discharged as what they call Defect on Enlistment.

If you then try again when 4 years clear they may turn you down. Better to be honest and see what they say. If they then turn you down you only have about 6 months to wait.
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The way it worked for me (I supposedly had asthma as a kid) was that, yes, you needed to have four years clear from your last use of inhaler. Then during your medical, I was required to do a short treadmill run whilst wearing equipment to measure lung performance (really nothing to worry about phyzz-wise, just raises the heart rate a bit). A decision was then made after that. This may have changed as that was around 2000.

all the best and good luck

I can vouch for them not being flexible on the asthma front. I contacted the TA (RE) with the question about joining with my very mild (no treatment required) asthma. They replied (after a couple of months) with a thanks but no. I have now been free of symptoms for over 4 years but I am 33 so too old! :-(


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