Another assault on police

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pork_Pie, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. I've just sprayed coffee all over the key board...
  2. ROFL
  3. Hopefully not from your t!t!
  4. I wonder just how effective the squirt range is!
  5. Did they take fingerprints from the weapon?

    Will the 'weapon' be shown to the court? or perhaps kept in a sealed bag as evidence?

    I bet the copper is taking worse from his mates than he suffered from the woman.
  6. bet he feels a right tit :)
  7. And the CPS are just milking it............................
  8. What's he complaining about? You'd have to pay good money for such treatment in some of the places I've been to.
  9. Top bird. A true english lady!

  10. She should have used both barrels
  11. I bet it still doesn't stop the cnut taking a year off work and claiming 10 grand compo
  12. She sounds like a typical Croydon bird to me!
  13. Imagine the trauma that poor policeman must have suffered.....

    yeh right......
  14. Just how annoyed at being nicked must she have been to think 'Oh I know, I'll just wap one out and hose him down!'

    I wonder if he's ever made the brews with 'expressed' milk left in the shift fridge. Just how daft would you need to be to do that, ahem, cough, anyway must be off....