Another article on the Afgan wars by Christina Lamb

Another article on the Afgan wars by Christina Lamb

Death trap

Christina Lamb has spent 20 years covering Afghan wars and was lucky to escape with her life after a firefight 10 days ago. Afghanistan is littered with the debris of invading empires – so why do we refuse to learn from history?

When you twice stare death in the face in ditches in southern Afghanistan, first with Afghans and then fighting Afghans, you start to wonder what it is about this country that keeps drawing us back.

The first time I was 22, in and out of love, and thought I was indestructible. I was with a young, chubby and then unknown Hamid Karzai and a band of turbanned mullahs who would later go on to become founding members of the Taliban.,,2092-2261727,00.html
This lady can certainly write. It's another fine piece and you can almost hear the despair in her words at the shambles that has become our 'mission' in Afghanistan

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