Another ARRSE target bites the dust......good drills

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blobmeister, May 23, 2009.

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  1. It's ironic really. He is going to face a fraud investigation whereas MsP who have claimed for non-existent mortgages get away scot free.
  2. Andy McNab said last night: “To claim to be part of a Regiment that gives their lives to their country makes me sick.
    “Spour is lying about things he can only dream about.”

    Why he had to lie is beyond me , Their is no shame in being a regular infantry trooper. Their is some bloody good british soldiers who fight for queen and country and who have carried out individual acts of great heroism by which they have saved the lives of their comrades. Some were in direct face of the enemy, under intense fire, at great personal risk to themselves some leading to them sustaining very serious injuries. There valour is worthy of the highest recognition.

  3. You're next Chubb, cunt.
  4. But that statement doesn't apply to the throbber in question does it, Cnut.
  7. Cheers fot that. A bit of Arrse history while watching F1 quals. Also came across the infamous caubeen which ive read about before.
  8. But at least Caubeen had a bit of class about him. You could never say that of Chubb. She's just a fückin' mong.

  9. I get a feeling that Chubb and Flash are one and the same. They always post together.

    Either that or Flash has nothing better to do than search for his/her posts??
  11. Bushmills it is Suhr! Mugs.