Another Ammo Tech question...

Hi again!

I'm due to attend Ammo Tech Careers Advisory Board on Thurs / Friday this week. I've been told by the ACIO that there are currently 12 jobs left this year, and that upon completion of the Board they will book me a place on basic training. Just to confirm, I have already passed RSC at Lichfield. Does anyone have any idea what would happen if more than 12 people pass the board? Am I likely to lose my place at the ATR, or is there likely to be a delay?

Cheers All!



It might be different for you but when I was going to Phase 2 in Blandford there were 17 people to fill 16 spaces so they sent us all to Lichfield to do Basic and if all 17 of us got to Blandford they were to interview us there and if necessary retrade one of us.
Got fully recommended, off to Winchester on the 8th of Jan, not Pirbright as previously thought. Oh well! Anyone going to Winchester on the 8th? And what's it like there? Been to Pirbright before, so roughly knew what to expect, but Winchester... no idea!

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