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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Vagrant, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. whose come to pee in your Wheaties. As I couldn't find a "New Member" area I'll post both my introduction and question together.

    My name is Jason and I'm a paratrooper in the US Army. First round is on the cherry.

    On another board that I am member of we are talking about the 15 sailors and Marines that were taken hostage by Iran and their conduct during captivity. One commenter, a Canadian (or Snow Mexican as we are wont to call them) said that the sailors and Marines acted "as they were trained to."

    In the US Army we have the Code of Conduct that details to us how to act in captivity. Do the British Forces have anything similar? Were their actions grounds for a court martial, NJP or just a good beating?
  2. Piss off, journo!!!


    Edited to add: and the conjunction is "who", not "that"!
  3. Captured personnel are only supposed to give Name, Rank, Number, Date of Birth & Religion.

    Everyone has their breaking point, in this instance it was when the Iranians threatened to send them off to Heidleberg to teach home economics to young nuns.... it was the last straw.

    For fighting men such as these, the humiliation would have been unbearable.
  4. Thanks for the English lesson, twat. I assume that "journo" is mouthbreather for journalist. Don't you think a journalist would write better?

    If you're so bent out of shape that members of the British Forces are crying themselves to sleep after being called Mr. Bean and whoring themselves out to the public maybe you should take it out on them and not someone asking a simple question.
  5. So you guys are still kicking it old school? That's pretty impressive.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I take it you would have acted differently?

    And probably started WW3.

    Your lads shot any Brits recently?

    Trigger happy tw@ts
  7. Obviously our colonial cousin is unaware of what passes for journalistic standards in the UK!!

    Please do not consider the conduct of some dodgy seamen to be indicitive of our forces.

    I draw your attention to the courage of our ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan as a contrast.

    If i were you, I'd also consider changing your name from Jason, it's no moniker for a paratrooper... not unless you wish to be utilised as a contraceptive by 3 Para Mortars.
  8. Can't we just PLEASE talk about sex and/or football?

    Release the ARRSE 25,473.
  9. I'd like to think I'd last longer than 48 hours. Or cry myself to sleep. Or talk about my hugs from Mommy.

    I'm below quota this month. I have to bag two more people that spell armor with a 'u' otherwise I'll get a counseling statement.

    No, I've read articles from The Independent. :D

    Wouldn't dream of it. I've worked with Brits in Kosovo and Afghanistan (none in Iraq as I wasn't that far south). Even my father, a former Ranger, said that you guys, pound for pound, have the best Army on the planet. From what I've seen he wasn't far off.

    I was thinking about Thor but I'm not tall or blond enough.
  10. Faye says to shut the fcuk up and move on.
  11. Just change it to Knuckles...

    Worked with the Rangers once... they can't drink much beer can they?

    If memory serves me right quiet a few of them got a pasting from 2 Para in downtown Aldershot.

    Mind you if it had been sailors it would have been a different story.
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Sorry septic, we speak ENGLISH, not spam.

    What colour were those panels that your mate POPOV36 took a shot at?
  13. Dont confuse him with that complicated spelling now, im sure he is just another yank here to help us poor limeys out!
  14. This has been covered in this thread.

    Read that then the Mods can delete this one,eh?