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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Tickets please?

    I have posted this in the naffi as I believe it is really a bit tounge in cheek becuase without the CC we wouldnt able to operate - Ill get my abuse in now - up your arrse you spunk trumpets :p
  2. We pay 1800 quid for SA80s? I hope that includes the price of a SUSAT.
  3. Yes, production engineering. High specification combined with small production run means massive expense.
  4. these exceptional circumtances these officials apparently have! well what would that be.?

    i can assume they are not talking about the guys on the front!

    if they are talking about the "two per soldier "desk jockeys that only get up to avoid a dvt and make really crap decisions ,then this is fooking a joke!

    this day and age of greed has got out of control!!
    the goverment are taking shed loads of state money and so does the mod fat cats while the cannon fodder doing all the work is paid fuk all and given a bloody tea cosy as a bloody helmet(well sorta)

    as long as the desk knobs have a guilt free crimbo i guess its worth it eh!!

    id understand rising the rate of pay per frontline soldier as they know they wouldnt have to pay that type of rate for very long because the soldier will be shot because he is given a crap protection getup and limited rounds(well nearly)

    thats if the transport doesnt brake down and the engineers have to get out and push the 30yr old pieces of shit!

    im fooking disgusted with the greed this goverment and mod fat cats think they are entitled to because they are doing a fine job looking after our soldiers risking thier lives..

    good job my arse,other than a captain who stands beside you and gives orders ON the field what do they really need the rest for? the job is pretty bloody self explanatory...

    kill rag heads and kill more rag heads and kill rag heads of rag heads brother/sister/kid/dog/granny rag head armed with the rpg..

    why not send out a message pretending the army is going to drop a nuke and they have 24hrs to get out and when they all leg it move in and wave from the rag heads house saying gotcha

    shot them as they come home!:)or poison the water as it couldnt taste any better and they wouldnt notice(maybe viagra poisoning)

    excuse the mong spelling its late and ive just been killing rag heads!cod

    more kit+more wages+better death treatment and payouts towards the misses and the kids(if any)
  5. I love it, £47m for 7 months worth of MoD civil serpent bonus - no problems; £20m to keep the TA going - you must be joking (til Gordon got egg publicly on his face).

    Not saying the MoD is utterly without merit but £47m would buy a few helos for the Stan wouldn't you think?
  6. afew is an understatement and throw in afew decent road cars with good ied protection(if we have any that is)

    gordon brown needs a fooking gimp suit and a holiday to the pit!
  7. Another thread just popped up, apparently £47m is only the last 7 months, over the past few years its been £300m - welcome to modern Britain :roll:

    £300m in bonuses, do these CSs think they are bankers or summat? :x
  8. wankers more like:)
  9. I am outraged!! do you hear me? outraged, surely our brave frontline civil servants deserve higher recompense
  10. Apparently,most of them bought new sheds with their bonuses.
  11. Real Men have lean to's
  12. they will be buying boatsheds next
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Only if they know the right colour.....
  14. Ding Ding!

    It's BLOODY pointless getting all riled up on the net. Pointless I tell you! :D

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  15. It may be pointless,but it is theraputic.All the anger and agression can be chanelled into the ether,and we will all become calm in a peaceful and loving world.

    Until some idiot mentions sheds.
    With balconies,near water,being of timber built,with tarred felt roofs,and not Kent peg tiles.
    Bastards.I thought I was one of the Sheddis.But apparently 'real' sheds are timber,not brick.My stable/shed/outbuilding is full of the same crap as other sheds,oh and humongous spiders,it is blatant discrimination.
    I think I'll write to the Daily Mail.