Another AFG Video

Love the comments at the end. One of the Staffys on there was a LCpl in 99 so he's not doing that bad really. No, he's not a Clerk of Works before you ask.
Outstanding - does anyone have a copy of the first link, awesome action and footage? is there a link that can be saved and played without the internet?

Great video things looked hairy on the roof sanger with the attack coming in on 3 sides. As the video say's 'MEGA' respect to all our forces in action today.
The OC - when he was OC 49 (and you thought 49 para was never based on truth) he would do MYAs with the first section as bullets - 3 strengths and 4 weaknesses. One of the troopies came up with a spoof MYA for him. First weakness: 'Non-tactical ears'...
Can somneone please post link again.Seems to be giving a 'false' reading,when I try to log on.Thanks.

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