Hi all, going to ADSC Glencorse on the 8th March (Bricking it tbh)
Starting to wonder if ive done enough preparation both fitness and mentally wise.
Are you put into groups and are you with that group for the full 2days?
What do the team tasks entail? Obviously team building exercises but what sort of things do you have to do?
Ive never really been a confident sort of person, More of a follower than a leader type of person, Im ok when I get to know people but Im slightly worried at not being verbal enough during these exercises.

Many thanks CS
8th of March?

Have you come from the past and into the future to ask this? :?

Anyway assuming you meant April, the best advice I can give is;

- Stay calm, nerve free.
- Give it your best.
- Go with the flow.
- Enjoy yourself. (If you don't enjoy ADSC your making a huge mistake joining the Army)
Haha yeh my real name is Marty McFly

Yeh ment 8th April, Cheers for the reply.

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