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Thinking about infantry. Finding it hard to get my head around that if i do this, my parents are gonna worry like mad when im eventually out there.

I dont want the 'what if' to hit me when im tied down with unwanted kids and a job i hate, paying 1.80 a litre for petrol.

The men that have gone throu with this life choice, can you tell me anything your pre joining worries and how you feel now that you've done this.

You give yourselves to the Army selflessly, and roll the dice.

All replies welcome pisstakers or not

Well I'm 22, had the same thoughts since I was 16. I'm not actually in, more that you are in the place I was in just over a year ago. Now I'm here and so close to joining, I kind of wish I had grown a pair and joined sooner, but also feel that had I done so, I probably would have been a drop-out so really I'm happy to be going in with a level head and slightly more mature outlook.

Of course they will be worried, but it's your life and sometimes you have to do what you want. If you moved away they would also worry, dangers are present everywhere remember, it's just getting your and their head's around the fact that this life choice has dangers right in front of you.

I know my parents are already worried. You have to weigh up the pro's and con's, it's all I did. If this would be a good move for you and something you have wanted to do, really look at what's stopping you. You are an adult and it's up to you what decisions you make, either way good luck with it.

In effect, you sign your life away to the army. But they will look after you. Or at least I hope they will otherwise I'm buggered!
Thanks for quick reply,

Yeah the main things that are holding me back are:

Girlfriend been with er 11 months but shes a diamond. - At the same time its too early for marriage etc....

Parents would turn green,

And im not sure i could deal with never having personal space.

But as you say mate, the pro's are good.

What are you enlisting to do what role?
1st choice: AT
2nd choice: RMP
3rd choice: OPMI

I, personally, have kept away from relationships as it would only make things complicated when I want my situation to be as simple as "what the army wants me to do and have no distractions". But we are all different, I've had girlfriends who, despite saying they would support me, have then gone off on one saying there's no point in being together if you are going away. Foolishly I have previously postponed my applications because of this. Also another reason for staying single. If she supports you, then great. But if things dry up because you are away, it's for you to decide but the long term, if it's REALLY what you want, would be better to let her on her way. Life, also in my opinion, is way too long to commit to one woman forever.

Already said my bit on parents, you are all adults, so get your point across without argument and you are already halfway there to letting your feelings about joining be good rather than guilt. I for one know my dad is totally against me joining up, but he respects my decision. Doesn't stop him telling me about other paths etc. etc. I am 100% sure this is my path, so I respect his opinion, listen to his words and make a decision based upon that. Every time it's still the army, but sometimes I waver on which trade I really want to go for, and I am still not 100% on that. I can still change my mind on trade choices right up to mid phase 1 I believe so it's not too bad.

Personal space issue, you'll just have to lump it I guess. We are always having lessons in life, this will just have to be one of them. Hopefully you don't end up with some stinky ****** who likes to sleep naked in the bed next to you, but if you do, live with it. You can always moan to him.

Either way, grow a pair and man up ;)
I joined when i was 17 and came out during basic and am now 21 and rejoining in feburary. Been in a relationship for three years but the missus is happy for me because it's what i want to do, if the relationships strong it will last if it doesnt you may resent her for stopping you being what you wanted to be. At the end of the day you got to do whats right for you. On the personal space issue although it might seem a pain in the arse sharin a room wi ova blokes theres always a brilliant crack to be had and they do become really good mates. Although parents may not be happy with your decision your their child and will love and respect you whatever you do. I would seriously consider looking towards a trade though as it always good to have something to fall back on. My brother did 8 years infantry and is now a security guard living with his parents while his lil brother is renting his house. I was going RA last time but i saw the light and am now goin in REME as an electronics tech. My advice is go to careers office and have a chat or even try the TA to get a feel for it. Good luck in whatever you decide
I'm not taking the piss but you will find very few in the army that actually thought about it prior to joining, it's just one of those things! And most who have left would say very positive things about their experience. Good luck.
Get on with it.
Oh for crying out loud, this isn't a therapy forum. This has all been asked/worried over/stressed over before. Have a flippin search and read!
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