Another 9/11 "Conspiracy Files" prog - The Third Tower

Did the collapse of World Trade Centre 7 LOOK LIKE a controlled demo job?

  • Yes. It was written all over it.

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  • No. Steel reinforced concrete buildings damaged by fire, and other buildings gouging chunks out of

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  • Don't know.

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FourZeroCharlie said:
oh, for fcks sake, not again.
You just know the 'troofers' who spend every waking hour combing the internet for mentions of 9-11 will soon be all over this site. Kinda like a plague of zombies, but with poorer personal hygiene.
Will you never learn Frenchie?!

Standing by for more wibbling bufoonery from the conspiracy nuts. was definately a controlled demoltion....I know this because I once built a leggo tower and set fire to it, therefor I am an expert..etc etc.
You forgot the option for going to Hartlepool to buy some exploding trousers. Just thought I'd mention.
FFS!! Even before I opened this thread I just knew - KNEW it was a BBC commissioned documentary - Wa...kers!!

They tried to get some theory's out through the series 'Spook's' last year and whats that other series....' Torchwood' - I believe

Diane & Dodi were killed by MI6 :roll:

7/7 was a set-up :roll:

Dr David Kelly (weapons inspector) was assassinated :roll:
My own dummassed theory..I believe that the buildings were 'rigged' but for a denial tactic in the event of invasion during the cold war period but forgotten about after the 'wall' came down .... We did the same with our air fields in WW2 and only a short while back some underground explosives were discovered in Duxford. (I think?)

I don't believe there was a conspiracy on the hijack itself, but I do believe the impact of the aircraft may have triggered sensors / dormant explosives, especially after seeing the 3rd building collapse in a such controlled and identical fashion. What was said to be in that building ( CIA stuff ) would have been useful to any enemy, and thus it would be denied to an invader. So, yes, I believe there was / is a cover up over one huge testicle being dropped but that ultimately Bin Hidin is the perpetrator.

I'll see my own way out thank you :roll:

I'm Positive Frenchmong has said he was leaving this site, Amazing how he returns to the same subject over and over.
Frenchie get help.... seriously you are sadder than Barry George.

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