Another 7-62 limerick competition (Bush/Blair/Saddam)

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OK This is your last chance to win a silver plated Zippo engraved with your aka and limerick. Mr Potatohead will of course be engraved on the back.

Write a limerick containing 2 of the following names:

Bush, Blair, Saddam (or Hussein)

The winner as usual will be judged by me. Extra points for cynicism! - Good luck.

Competition cut off - New Years day

(PS Journos: feel free to join in this one... we could do with some prosaic help... but no publishing without getting the authors permission)
The space for his fist was quite sparse
Because it was up Blairs arse
It's a tight fit said Bush
But with one final push
I'll have made you my puppet at last.


Book Reviewer
Bush said to Blair 'Follow me'
as I finish a job for Daddy
its quite far away
and just take a day
we'll be finished in time for tea


Book Reviewer
Saddam on his toilet of gold
was unhappy when he was told
that blair and bush
were making a push
towards all his oil, how Bold
Of Bush & Blair in Iraq we do despair
Their Governments just do not care
They care less of their fighting forces
Than they do of Georges horses
Thats why we are still there

Little ditty about George and Saddam
Twas their fault in Iraq we hit with JDAM
Tanks did roll,
and they took their toll
Two maniacs doing the worst they can
Mr Saddam Hussein of Iraq,
Was shocked and awed at the attack,
which Bush and Blair's forces put on.
He screamed out 'Begone!!!'
But the two chief of mongs,
Just sent in the ground troops instead


War Hero
Bush was a baddun
blair very square
but saddam beats them all
cause he doesnt fight fair


Book Reviewer
The gay marriage of Bush and Blair
was such a splendid affair
The bride was in white
but his hair was a fright
and they honeymooned in Saddaims lair


Book Reviewer
I think that its fair to say
that Bush shafts us every day
we're his 'special' friends
when its suits his own ends
but Blair seems to like it that way


War Hero
There once was a man who was bad
And was terribly terribly sad,
For a monkey named Bush,
With his hand up Blair's tush,
Had bagged up Baghdad for his dad!


War Hero
There once was a man in DC
Who said "Quite frankly, to me,
N or Q's just the same,
Iran - or Hussein?
Blair will back me whate'er I decree!


War Hero
There once was a man of Sedgefield,
Who to Bush's adventures did yield.
It was all quite a sham
To send troops for Saddam,
With vehicles that weren't tracked, but wheeled!


War Hero
The Gibbon-in-Chief said with glee
I toppled Saddam as you see
Iraq is now fucked
but I don't give a stuff
the oil's flowing for daddy and me


Book Reviewer
Blair is a cnut so I hear
from people from far and near
He's up bush's bum
or at least a close chum
who's rammed tightly up dubyas rear


I want the oil lets invade Iraq
George Bush said as he emptied his sack,
Blair piped up " will it make us rich"
George slapped his arse and said shut it Bitch !
There once was a man called Saddam
Who got in a bit of a jam
He gave his borders a push
Therefore angering Bush
And Blair near fell out of his pram


War Hero
Bush Senior led the merry dance
With the excuse of WMD Fat chance,
Bliar licked Bushes Arrse
Who then went along with the farce,
And Saddam waited in Bagdad to greet them


Book Reviewer
Blair said "forty five minutes to fire,
a missile so terribly dire"
Bush said "we'll invade,
in oil we'll be paid"
I just want to shout "Fecking liar"
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