Another 4/7 thread

Hey, Now i know their is 100 more threads on this but they do not answer what i wish to know, Since my recruiter and the job briefs dont help at all.

My date to joining is coming closer and i want to make sure i made the right choice, and i was somehow talked into going infantry not a problem for me but my second choice is special observer RA, which i have always liked the sound off but have put it behind everything else since i could never find out what i wanted to know so if you good chaps could help with a few questions to help me decide.

If i fail the 4/7 16 week patrols course do i have to go to another gunner regiment or can i just transfer to infantry?, as my recruiter put it his words not mine "Your not the type of person who would want to be stood behind a light gun all tour blah blah wah" which is why i am also skeptical about putting this option as it is clearly not for me.

What is daily life like in 4/7 on base and on tour, I expect your not going to be doing patrols and living in a hide spying on terry taliban all 6 months on tour and ive heard you are only used when you are needed, I.e twice in the whole tour if that rest you are pulling the cord on the as-90,obviously if you are always busy doing your job you trained to do - observing the enemy in a hide in your little team thats fooking great.

I had a good think about posting such a sad thread up on ARRSE but i needed input.
I think you mean 4/73 bty. A friend of mine is serving with them out in Afghanistan at the moment, they are certainly not pulling any AS 90 'cords' i can tell you that. They currently form part of the 52 Bde Recce Force, one of their recent desert patrols was the longest since WW2 and they are definately getting amongst the Taliban out there.
Smashing cheers Al, just what i wanted to hear, my recruiter says they are never used except as a reserve because they have those planes doing all the target aquasition now.
I think your recruiter has been misinformed. From what i understand they arent so much used as artillery forward observers anymore but more like a recce unit, especially recently in Iraq where they formed part of the Brigade Survellaince Company and The BRF in Afghan as ive said. They recruit from all parts of the army so you could find yourself serving with everyone from REMEs/Signals soldiers etc to Infantry soldiers that have all done the STA patrols course, more akin to the Para's Pathfinders or other specialist unit than a normal artillery bty.
perhaps im uninformed/misinformed or im misunderstanding what has been said, but don't you already have to be serving and qualified to some extent before you can apply to 4/73 bty?

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