Another 25bn off the Welfware Budget

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wm1965, May 15, 2012.

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  1. Win win for Labour. Get the Tories to do all the heavy lifting and enter office with a dramatically reduced welfare bill whilst claiming the burden is falling on the most vunerable.
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  2. Nikolai probably hit the nail on the head :( ... --- didn't think thaattt much went on disability benefit.
  3. Oh dear, this will have Jarrod and co frothing at the gash.
  4. Whilst I'm for it in priciple. It'd only work if there were actually jobs that peolple could do instead of signing on.

    Is there?
  5. Bring it on. Can't wait. And I'm looking forward to the next election!
  6. Remember these cuts (if they come off).Will effect a lot of service(ex) who have had limbs blown off in afghanlstan irag and cant do anything because of PTSD.You all make me laugh .Cane the poor buggers who cant help themselves ,but woe betide when your own are touched it works both ways .It has got to be all or none .yes i know there those that get all yet walk down the street as though nothing is wrong.Yet then there are those who suffer in silence and realy wish they could do something with what life they may have
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  7. Disability benefit has nothing to do with being employed or not. Disability is there to enable the disabled to adapt and live as normal a life as possible. If a person is able to work then they should do so because that is as normal a life as is possible. If they are able to work but unable to find work they should not be given extra because being unemployed is a part of normal life and is likely to effect them no worse then any other. You wouldn't expect a person who has lost a hand to have the same level of DLA as a person who is quadriplegic because there isn't the same level of need. If that person with a hand missing is made redundant why should he suddenly be on a higher rate? The people who need it should get it and the best was of making sure they do get it is to ensure that those who don't need it don't get it.
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  8. There is a slight difference between a Service person (copper, fireman, or indeed anyone) who has suffered a career-threatening physical or mental injury and the large number of idle feckers who have eaten their way to morbid obesity and a spaz chariot because of their incredibly poor lifestyle, a lifestyle we enable by allowing them to continue as they do.
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  9. Why do you think that someone who is totally incapacitated is suddenly going to have all benefits withdrawn?

    Do you feel that we should just give DLA out to anyone without bothering to see if they need it?

    However he is talking about getting people who can work (single mothers, long term unemployed etc) back to work, why do you think this is such a bad thing?
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  10. This is what gets up my nose. Friend of MrsPlume's is an immigrant & a thoroughly nice girl, although thick as two short planks, and a single mother of a child of another immigrant. Her father (an immigrant) allegedly has agoraphobia so has been given one of the rare council flats in the area and the friend is exempt from looking for work as she is her father's carer, a task which mainly consists of taking his betting slips to the bookies.

    Best bit of all is that said friend has never worked in the UK beyond the odd cash-in-hand babysitting job before the birth of her child, and if her father lasts another three months then she will inherit the council house. She has no intention of working at all as all is cosy, thank you very much!
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  11. Well, the thing being, I was surprised to learn this morning that there are 2.65 million unemployed (I thought there was a lot more), which given the population is 70-75 million, its not that bad (still not good though).

    I am all for it, but sadly as Nikolai says, the Torys will sort things out and Labour will come in, claim the glory and **** it all up again, as they do everytime they come to power. I sadly have no doubt that Labour will win the next election as despite all these cuts being needed to get the country back on its feet after Labours attempt to destroy it, people will obviously dislike it and wrongly blame the Conservatives and vote Labour. Peoples memories seem to be very short and they also seem to be very gullible.
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  12. It's nice to see that she has assimilated herself into the British way of life so well!
  13. Chap buggers off to a comfy tenure in California leaving a bulging PDF of ambitious proposals to be "considered", which the responsible minister thinks is bollocks. Good luck with that.

    Why they are not cutting housing benefit more aggressively puzzles me. This is really an indirect subsidy to maintain high rents and house prices... oh that's why.
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