Another 2 AFA Reunion.

There is a planned reunion for soldiers and officers that served with 2AFA and 1CSMR between 1996 and 2001 on the 9th,10th and 11th November 2007.

The plan is to meet on Friday 9th, have a drink or two and on Sunday 11th lay a wreath at the local Military cemetary.

So far we have a massive 9 people on the list, if you are interested please email me for details at Please leave a contact phone number along with your name.

Alternatively you can cantact Danny A****n or Paul D******s at Keogh Barracks for more details.

I hope to see you all there!

*Edit, I'm scanning loads of old photographs at the moment, I'm gonna add them here low quality, over the next couple of weeks. If anyone wants a high quality photo emailed to them PM me.

PHOTO's Removed*
Invictus your a fuck1ng Anus.

A quick PM telling me about my oversight would have been better than going off on one. Your point however, is noted. Thanks for your productive post.

@ Welsh_Angel - glad you can make it babe, looking forward to seeing you again. :D
PMs can go for days without being read. Posts get read every day.
An 'oversight' is when a Pte soldier does something like this. When a 13 yr Sgt/SSgt does it, that's just being a mong. Cheers for editing them to cover up the eyes though.
KennyC said:
I'm not sure IRON, I do know none of us were there in 1988 - Most of us only joined after 1990.
Shame about that you missed the old , old MASH bar in Roberts Bks. In touch with a few medics from that era so will check with them.

Great first LAD posting for me and liver still working :twisted:
@ Welsh Angel - Great news, ask her to email me and I'll give her the details.

@ Pride of the Midlands - so you finally mastered the wonders of the interweb eh - nice one.

Anyone keep in touch with any of the Jockbat, a 2AFA reunion wouldnt be the same without them would it :?:
No Top_Soldier, I don't know A____ S___ - though the amount you go on about her she must be fit. :)

Does anyone keep in touch with any of the jockbat from 2AFA? Junior, Goggs or Foggy?
some of jock bat will be turning up to the reunion, i sent an e-mail to kenny to let him know about it. it has the making to be a very good weekend. looking forward to seeing you all there.
onjust to add on from the last message, i have got in touch with some of jock bat, i will be coming so will john chambers, fitzy, foggy if he is at home still trying to get hold of jnr and pete sutherland also baz gardener.
KC! Wot A FUCKIN SPACE CADET YOU ARE! just been to a conference at AMD and discovered that I was a part of this 'comical, yet criminal publicity'. Get my picture removed as I did not agree to my picture being put on there!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe me, I'm not the only bloke likely to slap ya when I get the chance!


(More than willing to travel to SHAPE!!)

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