Another 16 Reasons to Dislike Arabs

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Letterwritingman, Sep 1, 2004.

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  1. ...ah no, got to the bottom. Sixteen, yes. Sorry.
  2. Apology accepted......your question highlights a difference........apparently a Muslim need not take part in a war if it involves action against his /her own religeon........fair enough, I however dont recall being offered that get out clause. That though is a side issue...................3 years old and starting school the next day :(
  3. Do Irish regiments serve in NI?

    Lots of religion vs religion there.
  4. You missed my point......and in answer to your question yes you do have the R.Irish Home Service Btns.Did you edit your post incidently? :wink:
  5. Me neither, could have been a good cop out in Bos that, just stand back and watch the muslimes get slaughtered as fighting the Christians just wouldn't have been cricket.

    Wonder how loud the ragheads and their legal representatives would have shouted then?
  6. No LWM fraid it was me done some editing :(
  7. Its a reasoned debate....however emotive my closing statement was.That however is once again a side issue.............there still remains 16 reasons one aged 3.
  8. So I guess I out credentialed you then C_C? :D :D So to recap Palestinian terrorists blew up 16 people on 2 buses in Israel......therefor they are murderers............Palestinians cannot level the same charges against Israel as they claim to be members of organised uniformed militias, so under the rules a surgical rocket strike is fair......using civilians as a shield is not.

    Chechen Terrorists hold children hostage..........nothing really to relate the two other than the disregard for childrens lives and that they are proudly proclaiming their faith!
  9. If you ain't a muslim you are an infedel the unbeliever, to be killed. obviously except if you are a muslim in the UK and then you are peace loving and you've told slack jawed mincer blair so it must br true.