Another 148 bty thread!

Can't find this answer though:

When asked for a preferred role/job/regt/bty during P2, is it possible to apply for 148bty and complete the AACC before the STA patrols course? Or do you have to apply for 4/73 and after the AACC/Para and a few years, then apply for 148?
Two very different jobs, it reads as though your a little confused! If you wish to join 148 bty then you first need to complete the aacc. See how you get on at that then decide if you want to continue on!

The sta guys are part of 5th regiment! It's an all arms course and no relation to 148!
Unlike the old days when you usually had to serve in one of the other 29 batteries before going to 148, you can be posted straight to 148 after passing the aacc as happened after the last aacc.
Sorry forgot to add, in Phase 2 you have to volunteer for 29 not a specific battery. On passing the aacc, 29 will allocate you to a battery. Though you are asked a preferred battery posting when it looks as though your on going to pass, the main priority is operational requirements of the regt not your preference.
That's great - I was damn confused but think I get it now: sign-up for RA, ask for 29regt, go through AACC and then get posted to a battery.

Thats the one. Dont be put off by the horror stories of those who have not done the all arms or not passed it. Alot volunteer but de-volunteer themselves as they think it will be impossible or too hard, it is not if you want to be there, stay free of injury, have decent personal admin, and are quite fit.
148 bty , do have a I.S.T.A.R. role with the B.R.F. support Squadron, usually two teams. It is also an all arms volunteer unit. 3cdo brigade just renamed the B.R.F. 30 commando information and exploitation unit, its old W.W.2 prefix. 4/ the only army I.S.T.A.R.unit.

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