Another 1300 troops to Iraq....

No suprises there. It's gunna be tight though with the same amount alledgedly promised for the elections in Afghanistan.


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So. Does this mean then that 1BW can go up north, be home for Christmas then re-deployed to Iraq in January in time for the elections? :wink:
Yes it does. But by then they'll have a new name so, hopefully, no one will notice!
Perhaps somebody should be asking what will happen in the meantime if there's a new uprising in the south while the BW are bailing out the Yanks in Iskandariyah.

Even worse, what happens if there's a country-wide backlash when our Transatlantic cousins trash Falluja? I notice Bliar didn't say WHICH Christmas the Jocks would be home to see.

The nearest Warrior-equipped reinforcement battalions are in Germany. It could be a very lonely, 370-mile fighting withdrawal for the BW back to Basra if it all goes tits-up.
Perhaps somebody should be asking what will happen in the meantime if there's a new uprising in the south while the BW are bailing out the Yanks in Iskandariyah.
That is the big question...

In the short term the other questions are:
- where is the new reserve component going to come from? (I would guess that they would have to come from Cyprus, longer term...)
- who is going to replace 1BW when their time up north is over?
- how's the logistic chain going to be set up?
- Are there enough logistic resources to supply the amount of kit, food etc that the Battle Group will need, especially as they will be out of the main supply area?
My understanding is that the BW will be carrying 30 days' supply of everything they need when they motor north. After that, it's anyone's guess, particularly if they become bogged down by US heavy-handedness. The supply line's 370-plus miles long and runs through Indian country. While the Cousins can resupply ammo, rations and fuel, they don't carry British vehicle spares.

The Scots Guards(Warrior) are due in-country for the next Telic delpoyment and could be next in line for sunny-Iskandariyah-by-the-abyss.


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Slow as usual but this from Sky news:


More than a thousand extra British troops could be on their way it Iraq before January's elections.

Britain's senior general in the country is reported to have said that two extra battalions - 1,300 men - might be deployed under plans being drawn up by military chiefs.

Lieutenant General John McColl told The Times that talks between British and American commanders on reinforcements are still at an early stage.

He added that troop numbers had not been discussed.

But prospect of a further British deployment could fuel alarm in many MPs.

They are already concerned about a battalion of the Black Watch regiment being sent to the so-called Triangle of Death south of Baghdad.

The Americans want them to provide cover for their own forces, freeing them up to join an assault on the rebel stronghold of Fallujah.

General McColl said: "There may be a request to surge additional forces into Iraq in the run-up to the elections - that has been discussed.

"But it is no more than prudent planning at this stage."

Britain currently has about 8,500 military personnel in Iraq but only 7,400 are ground troops.


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TCH just told the House that 850 troops, based on the BW battlegroup, will be redeployed north.
His statement also says no extra troops other than 1SG...
I havent seen so much doom and gloom in a military forum since Clinton got elected. Here is a fact you have overlooked. The US has had 2 rotations into Iraq of 145,000 men each. They all start in Kuwait and some units go all the way to the Turkish border. Not once has any of these units been attacked either coming into Iraq or going out of Iraq. If the BW knows how to convoy [and I have no doubt on that score] then the deployment will be fine. When our coalition allies in MN Division Central South were attacked in April the US moved 1 ID down to assist them. If the BW runs into trouble [which I doubt] they will get similar help. Right now we have a brigade of the 10th Mountain Div in the area south of Baghdad [the area I believe the BW is headed to]. The 1st Brigade 25 ID is in country now. The 3 ID will deploy from Nov - Mar. A NG Division the 42d is due in country Dec-Feb. The latter two force packages will deploy in northern Iraq. The Marine AO is western Iraq. The enemy dont like attacking large formations of combat troops as its too dangerous. The BW has probably finished their deployment which is why the announcement was made. I believe that the doom and gloom posts are way off the mark.
I don't often agre with T6 but I do on this occasion. Have a little faith in those in the BW as well as their UK and US compadres. I am sure that they might have thought of this.
Yes, but......

[cynic]The concern is that BW are being deployed to show the US that there is a real coalition in Iraq and to enable a hammer blow against the insurgents. This of course plays well to the ( voting ) audience Stateside. Given the large number of US troops in theatre, one may wonder what 650 Jocks can bring to the party. ( not a pop at BW, by the way. )

Note that when GW asked for British Army troops to fill the gap caused a few months ago by the Spanish getting out, TB said No.

But now he says yes.

Too much Del Monte, methinks.[/cynic]

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