anothe strange myth

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mudbloodgreenfieldsbeyond, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. ive heard this one from two seperate places..."i RE RSM is staying in a guards mess,and at breakfast there is only himself and a l/sgt sat down,the l/sgt is wearing his forage cap,apprently this means he doesnt want to be spoken to? anyway,the rsm asks to have the salt passed down to him,the l/sgt simply points to his hat,the rsm asks again and gets the same reply.
    So the rsm now stands up goes to the end of the table(one of those really big long expensive old ones) gets on to the table and marches down the table( wearing boots shinney and tap tap sort) and halts in the l/sgts breakfast and says
    "i dont give a fu#ck what your traditions are when a corps RSM asks you to pass the salt you fu#king well do it"
    with that he about turns marches back to his seat,sits down and asks again for the salt,which of course the l/sgt passes.

    i can see it happening but RSM or not thats alot of table to churn up
  2. I heard a similar story with the RE RSM replaced by a Royal Marine.
  3. I've heard the bootie version as well. Urban myth me thinks....

    It's like the 'do you not salute Wg Cdrs in the Navy?
    We don't have Wg Cdrs in the Navy Sir etc etc
  4. I like that one too. Only heard it recently, gave me a good giggle.
  5. Heard the same with RM, only difference is the WO1 is informed by someone else what the wearing of the cap signals. WO1 nodds, walks down table and sticks his foot on sprog's plate and says "In the RM if a WO1 stands in your breakfast it means pass the fu**ing salt!"
  6. The original RM and Guards version,of the same event,has been doing the rounds,since-at least-1968!
  7. could not have been a RE RSM could it, we are sh1t at drill everyone knows that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. said legend says he was a corps RSM ,if that makes any difference,dont know if any such thing is real or not, but still damn good storys that may of once been true ??
  9. Imagine the face of any onlookers. Personally id wet meself.
    Deserved IMHO. Many a lance sergeant ive come across have been arrogant feckers whilst around others corps/regiment ranks.
    Not all though mind. If only someone had pulled out their mobile and recorded it. (if it was recent that is)
  10. not many RE RSM's are fit enough to climb as high as a fuckin table
  11. I remember a certain WO11 Paddy H****TT,who got an A on the Pirbright drill course.A most interesting guy as well!!

  12. complete and utter bollox.
    the tradition of wearing hats at breakfast is for officers only.
    In the origional version it is a Royal Marines officer who asks for the sugar and gets ignored and ends up standing in the Guards officers cornflakes.
    A very very old myth that was very old news even in the early 80's
  13. Sarcasm :?: :?: :?: :?:
  14. When I heard it in 1978 it was an Australian Captain and a Guards Subaltern.So it must be true........................