Anorexic? The fat police are after you if you're not fat enough!

Apparently this advert has been deemed "offensive" because the model is "anorexic." Aside from the fact that if I was her agent I'd be suing the ASA for libel what on earth is going on. She's thin for sure but hardly to the extent of looking malnourished. Are thin models to be put out of work to satisfy the egos of fat birds?

"The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) says the pictures on the website of Drop Dead Clothing were 'socially irresponsible' and told it to remove them."

Article is from Das Mail if anyone wants to read it.
Read more: Amanda Hendrick: Bikini photos of top model 'looking anorexic' banned by advertising watchdog | Mail Online

This is somebody who is truly underweight for comparison:

I'd be scared of cutting myself on the second one down.
Niiiiiiiiiiiice! Here's some 'Thinspiration' for you socially responsible types; an equally classy website that might benefit from some ARRSE-type trolling.

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Not that I condone, encourage or participate in such activity, you understand.
Oh my. Even I can't bring myself to hang around a site designed for stick insects. That site is truly shocking.

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The first model posted IS skinny/verging on anorexic IMO. I don't think it's a matter of 'putting models out of work' necessarily. Rather, clamping down on the kind of image that perpetuates the self-image problems to which young women (and increasingly, men) are prone. Not to mention killing them in a particularly slow and horrible manner.

I considered posting a truly appalling pic of a cast member of the next Tim Burton - Quentin Tarantino blockbuster Dead by Dinnertime. Then I remembered the austerely-worded PM that BCO sent me for posting a dick pic in a certain recent 'poetry' thread. So you'll have to Google 'anorexic models' instead. Jeeee-sus!

Mark The Convict

That's the one! It's easy to find, just go to Google Images and type, no. Better not.


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