Anorak Question- White Cross-belt for Sovereigns Parade

Discussion in 'Officers' started by wager, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi folks,

    Apologies for an anorak question, but I saw some photos from a recent Sovereigns parade on facebook, and the chap in question was wearing a white cross-belt across his blues and carried a cane – what does this signify?


  2. He is a stickman.
  3. If you read David Niven's book 'The Moon's a Balloon' it is fully explained in there. If you haven't time for that, you could just read the answer provided (above) by Outstanding (which, as an aside, must surely be one of the greatest misnomers of all time?). :roll:
  4. Harsh Ethel, Harsh!
  5. Not according to those that have seen your OJAR book it's not. 8) :roll:
  6. That would be difficult as I have never had an OJAR. But never mind eh!
  7. Silly me - of course I meant CR / SJAR !!!
  8. Cheers guys. Unfortunately I don't have access to David Niven's book, and despite looking I can't find much info on the net about it. It seems to be an award of some sort for being well turned out?
  9. The title is "stick orderly". There are four: 2 for the Academy Adjutant and 2 for the Commandant. Being smart and pretty are probably the key characteristics for the job.

    They accompany the AcAdjt and Comdt on Parade and accompany the Comdt to Chapel. Quite dull for the AcAdjt's pair: march on, stand still for an hour, then march off.
  10. Cheers barbs
  11. I beleive that originally their task was to show "their" Officers the place that they should be and their route to it.
  12. I didn't say what they are meant to do, I said what they are and what they do.
  13. they cannot be taller than the person they are leading. When I was at the factory we had some very small people to be led and hence they had to use the Doris platoon and the two smallest blokes, who were very small! We were the lot with the gnomes in The Sun......
  14. A mate from my platoon was the orderly for the main man and I can assure you he was anything but pretty. The fact that his nickname was 'The Screaming Skull' should give you an idea. :twisted: