Anonymous Web Surfing?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANK60, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. I'm not a computer whiz, so I'm not sure how this works. Anyway, this site offers anonymous web surfing free of charge. You simply type in the url of the site you want to visit, and it assigns you a different ip address.
  2. Useful for flogging on then?
  3. it works by putting a virus on the system that informs the police when you anonymously visit a nonce site ....
  4. I'm not talking about porn sites. There are certain free gaming sites that infect your computer with spyware when you download their "free" games. For example, I'm playing this game called Dope Wars that unloaded some adware on my system.
  5. We believe you Yank60......
  6. Sure :wink:
  7. This been a problem before for you then? You didn't sign on as LJH before?
  8. A girlfirend once said that she thought I may be a nonce.... how the feck could she know... she was only 12...... (Straight to hell for that one!)
  9. yank60, if you have administrator rights to your machine I suggest you try Spybot to stop spyware.
  10. What the hell is a nonce?
  11. Think of Gary Glitter, Michael Jackson and Irish Catholic Priests and small children and you get the idea Yank. (God do these people not understand English!) ;-)
  12. I'm not a fcuking nonce. And no, I apparently don't speak English.
  13. Then why the anonymous surfing old boy? Got something to hide have we? Some sordid little colonial sexual deviance eh? Don't tell me you like to do it with British Army Nurses you pervert!
  14. You're joking, right?