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Hi All

We are carrying out an anonymous '10 SECOND' ex-military salary survey to compare your FINAL military salary to that of your FIRST 'civvy job' salary.

Please help us by taking just a few seconds to visit the following page, your help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks ...

Ex-Military Salary Survey
I have completed the survey but am unsure what you wish to achieve with it.
My first civvy job after leaving at the 22 year point and settling in Germany was low paid.(Minimum wage for Hairdressers is now higher than my starting wage)
Due to what I had earnt before by the Army, I would have got more in unemployment money if I had stayed unemployed.
However I got my foot in the door, proved what I could do, and doubled my starting wage within a year, and tripled it within three.
I had a mortgage to pay and mouths to feed, I would have taken any job on.
Maybe compare the wage at the 6/12/24 month point after leaving?
First job I did was driving HGV2s for two weeks, at £7 per hour, I think. Got that job on the Wednesday, when I enrolled with an agency, and started on the Monday. I only did it to pay the bills while I was waiting to go on an antenna rigging course. Soon moved on to other better paid telecoms employment.

I have had loadsa jobs since.
My work network doesn't like your survey too much, sorry.

Shame really as my current salary is very impressive.


Leaving wage was approx £46k. Two weeks after leaving I started first ever civvy employment on £25k purely as it was the first job offered and I've a morbid fear of being a doley. Lasted just over a year wherupon I walked out as it was dogshit. Started commercial diving a week later and doubled my wage. Not a secure job by any means but I've never been happier and that includes the previous 25 years in the army. Civvy street is for winners.
My leaving wage was 51,064. Now I drive cabs - airport runs mostly plus commercial deals with international exchange student delivery from airport to host family and make £6000 per month after costs - The guy that got me into cabbing once said - You can drive folk around and earn £16 per hour* or work in an office at half that rate - so who's the c**t

*back in 2001

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