Hi Folks i have just bought the following Website domains &
What I am hoping to do is develop a community for all who are struggling with addiction, mental health issues and need to get support as openly or as privately as they are happy with.
(the accepted counselling rules would apply obviously)
Would you like to help me with thoughts about how to put this together?
I am looking at some advertising and some national press exposure but other than that it will be self funded by the visitors and accepted organisations and all of the funds will help build it better .
I am looking at a logo now which might be a version better and more appropriately obviously of this I created in Iraq.
My drive for this project is to help , Support and have fun along the way (hense the "moose").
I don’t want anyone else to die because they had no-one to speak to.
RIP, Kyle, Max, Danny, Sarah, Debbie, Foxy...... the list needs to stop.


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