Annual Travel Insurance

Well here I went again!! Time to renew the Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance ahead of the ski season. No problem, straight on to with whom I have been well served for a number of years, with their SPORTS+ policy which covered Ski Touring and Climbing. Followed the laborious on-line application for renewal, pressed send and, I know you're ahead of me here, BFPO Post Code not valid. Resorted to the old fashioned Dog and Bone and was told Sorry you don't live in UK so you can't have it. "But you gave it to me for the last 2 years" says Guy..."Ah, but now we have a new under writer who won't do it.

Went to BASI web site (of which august body Guy Gourdior is a member) only to doscover that I am covered to teach anywhere in the world, but not allowed to have their travel policy pour famille because I don't live in UK. Now getting a little Pi**ed, I went to the BMC and same story. "So whats the point of being a fu**ing member then?" "We produce a nice magazine" she says!

Finally back to "Specialist" HM Forces Insurers and those very nice people at JBI.

Super annual family policy, inclusive of most AT and Skiing activities for just under £70. A seperate cover for Guy at £140 for Ski Mountaineering, Mountaineering and altitude work (3,500m+).

So boycott, BASI and other UK blind firms and stick with these guys.


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I bank with santander and for £20 per month you get the dog tag insurance thrown in for two, free green flag, 4 business class airport lounge visits, will writing service, some limited health insurance and some other stuff that I can't remember. If you don't use most of these things it's not worth it.
Bank Insurance...Check the small print, no cover "Off Piste", certainly nothing outside the bounds of a two week package on the Costa's and definately not any cover for AT! I used to have an account with Alliance and Lie_chester now Santander and in the last two months they have failed to honour my DDs and Standing Orders requiring me to renew all the paper work. Great bunch of Club Med types.

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