Annual Travel Insurance - Any reccomendations?

I'm currently looking for annual travel insurace for my family (2 adults, 4 children) and have tried a fair number of companies for quotes, but I'd like some reccomendations...

We need insurance to cover annual multi trips, including winter sports...The problem is that my daughter will be going away ski-ing with her school in the winter, and needs insurance (which isnt included with the school trip). Hopefully, the family insurance would cover her even if I wasnt present. Would that be the case?

As I say, any reccomendations would be appreciated....

Try Endsleigh, I have family cover with them and it was the cheapest for me, (43, asthmatic with a perfectly healthy wife and son).

If you are fit and healthy, Direct Line is an OK deal, but any pre-existing conditions are very badly rated.

Try Karma Insurance, Karma Insurance, they are web based only and seem to offer a good policy -Brian Wright is a good guy and he tries hard to be clear and fair. Certainly, their landlord policy works for me and the website is quite slick.

As a general rule avoid the travel agents policies, these are sold like extended warranties were sold in electrical showrooms, how the staff brought their wages up from pitiful to barely adaquate- lots of commission to the floor staff and low premiums to the underwriter, so all claims are contested.
Open a Natwest Advantage Private or Advantage Gold bank account. They cost £18.50 and £12 a month respectively, but have numerous benefits including free annual travel insurance. Check the T&Cs, as obviously, they wont suit everyone.

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