Annual Richmond Debacle 5/6 Aug 2010

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by The_Snail, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. I will turn up and bring you a birthday present.

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  2. No, you smell.

  3. I've never heard of you in my life.

  4. I'll go anyway.

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  5. Bagsie me the front room.

  1. Ok. Now that the Wakefield shebang is over and done with (and might I add, some fairly shite gossip or photos shown) I am sort of proud to announce the Annual Richmond Piss-up.

    Yes, before you ask, the real Richmond, not the girly southern one.

    This year, I have found a new place to start off and finish in, just outside Richmond, owned by an arrser (cheers Gloworm) which is walking distance from Chez Slug if you bring your boots. Taxis are available if you are too girly (Poppy).

    So, the dates are arranged around my birthday, and the last weekend before I have to start my new assignment, and the fact that it might actually be sunny in North Yorkshire. Food can be arranged, bedspace is almost booked, but I can always find you a field to sleep in if you bring a tent.

    Anyone interested?
  2. I might be interested.

    I'll bring Puss and Chas xxxx
  3. I could be there :D
  4. I'll bring Boots and Chas :D x
  5. You KNOW thats a thursday and friday right??
  6. Errm, yeah. Its my first day at a new school on the Monday and if I spend the Friday AND Saturday nights with you muppets I'll be in no fit state will I? Or have you forgotten how tipsy we tend to get? :p
  7. we!! WE!!! What's this 'we' you scutter!! I never drink me!
    Unfortunately that weekend is already taken up with my summer hols in the sun so I can't come but will be thinking of you all :D
  8. I will of course be there.

    And I fully intend to drink bigbirds quota as well as my own then go hunting for the teenagers. :twisted:
  9. Of course!

    With a Cheeky Vimto toast and a foreign sammidge buffet as well 8)
  10. Is there bloody carpentry involved now??
  11. I want the front bedroom!
  12. I've already bagsied the front room floor (see poll) :D
  13. Don't forget me and Chas!!!
  14. You can probably count Mrs MiT and I in, it's also her birthday around then!
  15. Count me in (unless someone else want to send me globe trotting again!).