Annual Report to US Congress on the Military Power of China

One wonders how much of the good stuff was gained from the US by Chinese spying and hacking, etc. Plus greedy American corporations, etc. :roll:

An Annual Report to Congress on the Military Power of the People’s Republic of China.

Link to (60) page .pdf file.
One thing to remember about all of the latest 'China increase Military spend' fuss is the basic fact that the PLA is the 'Communist' Party's final guarantor of power.

In all such situations where the Armed Forces have such leverage they can demand the shiny toys they want, I know the British Armed Forces would and Cromwell (pbuh) certainly did.

China has been booming for years, the PLA want and get their cut, the Armed Forces is far from the career path it once was, attracting and retaining good people is harder than ever. As elsewhere competitive pay, pensions, accommodation and up to date equipment are required just to keep standing still.

Also as the PLA serving and retired, own the Armaments Industries, a familiar cycle of very expensive solutions looking for problems arises in China, familiar to anyone in the West i.e. The US Osprey programme, or anything to do with BAE etc.
Here's another NYT's article that describes more of the build up, etc. Makes a god companion read.

Amid U.S. Worries, China Plans Steep Increase in Military Spending

Published: March 5, 2008

BEIJING — China announced a further sharp increase in military spending on Tuesday, a day after the United States renewed its warning that a lack of openness surrounding the rapid buildup of China’s armed forces posed a threat to stability in Asia.

China’s military budget for 2008 will increase by 17.6 percent to 417.77 billion yuan, or about $58.8 billion, Jiang Enzhu, spokesman for the National People’s Congress, China’s legislature, told a news conference.
This follows a 17.8 percent increase in 2007.

Military experts in the United States and elsewhere say Beijing’s real military spending is at least double the announced figure. But even if it were double, China’s yearly military budget would still be only about one-fourth the size of the Pentagon’s.

$58 billion as opposed to our more than $500 billion.

Wow. We need to a) either get new accountants or b) stop worrying.

Edited to add that our public radio had a brilliant piece today about the cost of the misadventure in Iraq. By some estimates, we are spending more on the military than all of the rest of the world COMBINED.

Think about that for a second before posting this drivel.

A great waste of time and effort, arguing with DD!

This thread was about a report to the US Congress, by the military on China's military's build up and a NYT's article on much the same thing. It had nothing to do with the GWOT, the war in Iraq or Afganhistan and/or military spending there. :roll:

I'm sure there will be many OPINIONs expressed on the reports mentioned here on the Chinese militaries build up. I see no need to drag the war in Iraq or the spending there into this thread.
Reaganites boast about how he defeated the Commies by outspending them. I fear the Commies in China will defeat us by letting/allowing us to outspend ourselves.

I know there is a war on. A war of bad choice. Yes, we have to equip the boys and girls on the ground. But not on borrowed money. Especially when the borrowed money will be repaid to equip the very same armies we will be fighting in the next few years or so.

Tax cuts in a time like this?

As far as radio stations go, who would you I rather listened to? Fox Noise Nutwork? Rush Limbaugh? Perhaps you sir, are listening to the wrong station.

The one in your head.
This is hardly a build-up. China is modernizing it's military, and its doing so at a fraction of what it costs us. I think we need to focus on the extremists and insurgencies that threaten the interests of America AND China
The US should be much more worried about what China and South East Asia are doing to its manufacturing sector to the tune of Wall Sreet's 'shareholder value' mantra.
PLA is in the process of becoming a professional army, and that takes money. Quite apart from salaries and pensions, if you want to attract bright young things into your technical trades and command appointments you have to give them lots of modern kit to play with, a decent lifestyle for them and their families and the expectation that if they go to war their kit is up to the job of keeping them alive.

In addition, you have to factor in the sheer size of the army and the border it has to defend. Per head, this is still peanuts.

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