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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Inst_Techs_Rule, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Over the past two years firemen have received pay rises of over 16% where HM Forces have received an average of 3%. I appreciate that firemen provide an essential service - but what about us lot with the increasing number of deployments and harmony just another word in the dictionary.

    Will we be seeing another paltry pay rise of around 3%?
  2. MOD Civvies have'nt had their pay rise for this year yet, the Treasury are trying to delay and push 2% the unions want 3%. by the time this gets through they wont get paid until 2007!
  3. Firemen go on strike if they don't get what they want.
    HM Forces have no leverage.
  4. An interesting piece from this week's Daily Hate. Makes you think...

  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    You probably will mate the trouble with being in the forces is:
    You will get on with it regardless
    You haven't got the 9/11 we run in to burning buildings bandwagon to jump on
    You won't go on strike then laugh at the '' fukcwits who haven't got half the kit and training we have'' whilst they are running in to a burning building

    The firemen will tell you that by accepting 16% they got no where near what they want
    Don't forget they went on strike for 40% and the right bto spend the night sleeping!
    The goverment ought to take them on and ban strikes by all emergancy services and NHS
    If you choose to serve in a uniformed service you should all be governed by the same rules
    By the way if there was a 40% pay rise going then I would give it to the lads who have done the tours
    But what about the lads who go out their way to dodge everything and anything?
    I used to serve with one lad who when the call to go anywhere uncomfortable came through 5 minutes later the padre was in the bosses office with him and his big book of excuses
  6. I don't think the pay is that bad...I didn't join the Army to become rich.
  7. Nobody joins the army to get rich, all we want is the feeling that we are valued and that when we are on yet another 6 month tour in some shithole our families who are lleft behind arent left living in a shithole....

    For years we have deployed on Ops surrounded by other troops who have been on significantly more money than us(during deployment) and with better perks.

    It would be nice to get told good things rather than the usual excuses, Im sorry we cant do/fix this in your house as we have no money you will just have to live with it and Im sorry if the damp is effecting your kids asthma.... Dont worry though we have regraded your house and you now have to pay £1.50 a week less for it!! Like that makes up for living in a condemned hole.

    I would be happy with my wage if I knew that my seperation allowances and quarter were half way decent.

    Has anyone noticed with the new LSA the number of days it takes to get to a half decent level? The highest bands are for people with over 3,000 days on the cards. To qualify for that much you would have had to have been outside harmony every year for a 22 year service!!

  8. Firemen try for 40% and quite rightly get 16% (better than a poke in the eye :roll: ).
    Same year politicians ask for 80% decide on 80% (their self regulating) and get 80% 8O .AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
  9. The thing with the Firemen is that due to the new H&S bull that means you can only work so many hours (and before anyone starts I know the Army is 24/7) The Firemen and Women across the country had second jobs - so with the new time directive they can't do it legally and claim the wages etc etc. So they have been appeased by the higher than the sky pay rise.

    Personally I think it is a total fooking disgrace. Yes they do a job that risks life and limb. But the British Soldier/Sailor/Airman does MORE (well the Sailors is a bit far fetched, and the RAF are all in Cyprus bumming each other - these are the words from an ex RAF Sgt who works beside me here in CIV DIV).
  10. "the RAF are all in Cyprus bumming each other"
    Mate, having done several tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan I will quite happily "bum" you with one of the rockets or mortars that missed me - w@nker!
  11. Providing an essential service ONLY when not striking for a higher payrise! At which point we do their job (and our own) while they hijack the moral low ground.
  12. But when you've finished your service you can write a book like Ashley Cole and whine about not getting paid £60k a week the poor love! In my book I'll whine about not being able to get my favourite boot laces from the QMs anymore under the chapter heading 'Things Never Get Better'! :wink:
  13. We're not talking about the ones your bum buddies were wheeling out onto the planes or any Crab sex toys!!
  14. Der, I may have missed something here, cynicism passes me by. Things do get better and have got better from what it was 33 years ago when I joined as a Tom - the Op Welfare package would have been dreamed about.

    It all comes down to how much Johnnie Civvie (through the Treasury) want to spend on us, snatch landrovers come to mind.

    The pay isn't bad so be fair, we are certainly now having to earn it though (no more navel watching on the Inner German border)
  15. OK , so the govenment of the time (cold war era to be fair re your IGB ref ) could afford a far larger just in case Army than this government with its military can do attitude .

    Really anyone who puts themselves in harms way deserves to earn as much if not more than a PCSO (Take home in their pocket ) .

    Yes there are perks free Med , Dent(for serving , all lost for spouses accompanying abroad now) and (reduced cost ) housing but all of these seem to be slowly diminishing .

    Every person who signs up from slop jockey to SF trooper deserves recognition of their decision to give up a lot of their human rights (The Army Act ) and be recompensed accordingly .

    Any reccomendation by the AFPRB should take the high tempo of Op`s into consideration and reward our military with a pay package that acknowledges the governments claim that they are the best in the world .