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Leave is

  • A privilege

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  • What is leave?

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Where am I to find that leave is a privilege, and not a right?

Just because someone has loads of leave (back from Ops) and is going to be organising Unit and Corp sports and adventure training, why should they be penalised their leave. I know what people see when they see others go off for 3 months skiing/sailing/telemarking but isn't that what the Army is about; the opportunity to go and do something extraordinary?

Where can I find whether it is a privilege or an entitlement?


look on the intranet on DII and look for army leave manual 2000, and you will probably find that any leave can be denied except wren/potl leave unless it is for operational reasons. So if the CO says no you cant go!
If you look in the Army Leave Manual it has been amended and leave can only be denied for operational reasons. You can also carry over up to 15 days annual leave onto the following year if you have not taken it. Any leave which is denied is supposed to be recorded on UNICOM. Hope this helps.

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