annual leave whialst on sick leave?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by randomgary, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. im about to revieve surgery, i have a long recovery time after the operation that runs whialst my regiment are on summer leave! i was told to place a leave app in as i will be on leave despite me being granted sick leave for the same period!! i thought it was bloody harsh and weve currently decided to disagree atm

    whats the official line on this?

    cheers Gazza
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Well, on the CS/MOD side of the house, if you are signed off, you get to carry any of your unused leave over to the next year.

    However, given that there are operational needs attached to your unit, I can't see them being all that overjoyed if you come back from an extended period of sickies to then tell your CoC that you, the long haired general and associated sprogs want to foxtrot oscar to Florida for a fortnight when you've been warned off for Herrick.
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sick leave (Hospital sick leave) is classed as being in hospital endex
  4. i was injured in herrick and im not due out there for some time, thats what really gripped me

    thanks for the straight replies guys, glad i argued it and didnt just accept it

  5. Doesnt being on annual leave mean you are available and fit for duty if ordure interfaces with air conditioning apparatus and you are recalled?

    Or to put it another way, if you are not available for duty, can you actually be on annual leave?

    The other question is, do you lose leave you haven't taken after a given time?

    (just thinking along Civil Service terms and conditions, which are probably similar)
  6. The way the CS does it is that if you are genuinely sick while on leave, then you don't count the days towards your annual leave allowance. You should try to get a doctors note or proof that you were ill though to make it easier.
    If on long term sick leave, then you shouldnt have to lose leave - particularly if your employers were responsible for you being on long term sick in the first place.

    Definitely worth appealing up the chain, and talking to wider representation if possible.
  7. Was on long term sick leave last year for 6 months missing a block leave period and 11 days was automatically carried over. Have just had a follow up op and I am currently on post op hospital sick leave during a block leave period and have not been asked to submit a leave pass. Units often have block leave & individuals sometimes, like you, cannot comply with the dates. Should not be a problem for your unit at all.
  8. The legal line was tested in the EU courts last year.

    If you are on sick leave, this is leave specifically for rehabilitation. So this is not for holidays, therefore you are entitled by law to carry your holiday entitlement over to the next year if you ask to do so.

    If your CoC refuse this they are breaking the law, which means you must get them to comply.
  9. Many years ago I was bloody annoyed at being forced back to work early while on hospital sick leave for a lower limb injury. I reported my displeasure to the treating physician & asked (insisted) that he record the matter in my med docs. Since leaving the forces this is one of several grounds for which I now receive War Pension.

    The Army don't own you, they are mearly your employers.
  10. You cant be on the sick and on annual leave at the same time. I coudnt point you to the law but i do know for a fact that is how it works.
    If you have been injured due to work and you are not fit enough to work then i would say you are also not fit enough to enjoy the leave you deserve.
  11. Provided that you put a clear and proven case for carry-forward, your CoC should approve it.However, you will be expected to use it all up before the new leave year.Stats are produced for this sort of thing, "trends" are identified, and head sheds can be open to criticism - therefore they like to eliminate any potential shortcomings.
  12. I thought pink wine was bad, but I am willing to drink whatever you are having.

    As Spanish Dave said, sick leave does not count towards ALA, or POTL, or R&R.

    Oh, and I will give you 20 shiny pee if you tell me about "Harmony" and shove your "trends" up your arrse.