Annual Leave from civvy job.

Is there a definitive answer for the amount of Annual Leave that a TA soldier can take from a civvy job, over and above the existing annual leave package?

For example, is there a requirement for employers to allow an extra 2 weeks of unpaid leave to cover Annual Camps?

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There is no requirement, legal or otherwise, for any employer to give anyone any leave for training with the Reserve Forces. If they do, it is out of the goodness of their hearts, I'm afraid.

Some employers - such as the Civil Service - give 10 days, sometimes only 5 of which are paid. Others - and I'm thinking of a couple of nominally-supportive big employers here - used to do so, but do no longer. Others still allow leave on paper, but line managers/foremen/etc make it bloody hard on people - in such a case, contact SaBRE for advice.

To be blunt, if you are in the TA you have 'contracts' with 2 separate employers - the TA and your 'full-time' work. They are not really linked other than you may go in knackered every other Monday - and of course your full-time employer may not like the TA - or at least no when it effects him.....
Fair enough. There was a duty rumour going around that there was some unpaid leave to be had!
Well it's wrong.

But check the HR policies where you are working.

My employer give 5 extra paid days holiday a year for TA with line managers consent (good job he is a mate then :) ) I believe unpaid leave is no issue either, but again it depends on whether I can be spared or not at the time.
You'll usually find that a week (5 days) is standard wether paid or unpaid. Like others have said it's not mandatory for your employer to give you any. I'm lucky that I get my 5 days paid, luckily the reservist policy for my company is rather forgotten about and poorly understood so my line manager just accepts it at face value. However, with the current economic climate I can see this little nicety disappearing.
I can use paid or unpaid leave for training. York Council only make allowances for the two weeks CMSR though. Despite being in contact with a lawyer and Sabre, my employers are still being an arrse about me actually being in the TA despite me joining before i started with them.

It's all down to individual HR departments. I've been told i should between 5 - 15 days extra leave for training purposes, but HR deny that.

I'm currently having a long running battle with them and they're slowly loosing.

It's all down to your line manager at the end of the day, regardless of what's written down and agreed.

If you work for a local authority, it is likely they use the 'Green Book' which contains all the conditions of service. If so, there is provision for them to allow up to 10 days paid leave for reserve forces service. If you are a high grade Council officer, they may reduce this to 5.

Ask HR if you can see a copy of the Green Book.

Good luck!
Thanks Smoother, i'll give them a bell today, because to be honest getting told 4 different things is starting to royally pi$$ me off.
i work for a local authority in the north of england and i get 15 days paid leave every year. i thought this was the same with any council throughout the country as the guidelines come from central government
fusilier50 said:
...the guidelines come from central government
My bold. A guideline is not binding on the local authority, and from experience in central government many LAs delight in their ability to ignore central government policy and guidelines.

FWIW my employer are pretty good, it's our clients that end up iffy about my training commitment.
As most people don't know the rules just cuff it! I am supposed to get 8 days specialleave and "make the rest up" myself woth holidays. No one ever checks and you just get paid.

Have you tried asking SABRE for advice? Just give it the old man mangement/leadership/teamwork tosh. Employers love it!
I work for a large public sector organisation in London and get 10 days for annual camp (as top up pay) plus unlimited unpaid time off for armed forces activity. I don't take the piss though because it is at line managers discretion and it could be removed at any time.
At my last job they told me, "no, we don't support the reserves." But when I had a dig through the HR policies I found I was entitled to 2 weeks paid leave in addition to my normal annual leave for "military reserve training commitments". You should have seen the look on my bosses face when I handed him my notice and told him he owed me 6 weeks holiday!
Also bear in mind your employer might not like the idea of you taking holiday to work a second job... my previous boss wasn't very happy about it.

Why? Well remember that staff are given holidays to recuperate so they return to work re-invigorated, holidays are supposed to increase efficiency and output.

If your unit is like mine the exercise phase is generally in the second week. :roll:

Coming back threaders isn't doing your employer (and therefore you) any favours.
Sentinel said:
I work for a large public sector organisation in London and get 10 days for annual camp (as top up pay) plus unlimited unpaid time off for armed forces activity. I don't take the piss though because it is at line managers discretion and it could be removed at any time.
Same here - I've been really lucky in getting this job and it all started with my TA experience helping me seal the deal to get it in the first place. I've since transferred to HQ and all previous arrangements have been honoured.

It is a shame that not all employers see the benefit(s) of allowing time off for duties, whether it's supplimentary or unpaid!

One day eh?
Just found out from my HR that the extra leave is incorporated into the 2 weeks CMSR and that's it.

So much for a garrison town being supportive.
I'm surprised. Most LAs give 5 days paid and a further 5 days at the discretion of your line manager. It's a hang over from the old purple and green books. I didn't think that LAs were able to opt out of this when they set their own Employee Terms & Conditions. Tends to be hidden in a section called Special Leave & you have to wade through maternity leave, parental leave etc before you get to it.

The only time I could think of when you wouldn't be entitled to it is if you have been there less than 2 years or that you have had ten days or more special leave in the past 12 months.

I'd have a chat with your Unit Welfare Officer (used to be called a ROSO) and ask them to have a chat with your HR dept.
I've always taken a week's paid holiday and a week's unpaid leave to cover my **** cramp / annual camp/ annual deployment........... but now the T-FB's are telling me that I'll lose half a day's holiday due to having a week off unpaid............. which is a bit of a pineapple fritter....... funny how they were all chuffed for me in 2003 on Op Telic....... now it seems they could not give a flying duck. :x

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