Annual Inspections - Do they mean anything?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Ranger_Danger, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Annual Inspections - I am curious, does anything good happen as a result of them? What are you views of it all?
  2. must admit I have done a few ,
    never seem to get any come back from them
    the Cadets seem to enjoy them though chance to see some players
  3. Cue sounds of wind and tumbleweed.......
  4. Load of shite as far as Im concerned.
    Some form of top brass show up, ask the kiddies the same bollox questions to each one of them.
    Glance at the paperwork youve spent weeks sorting out, look around the unit pretending to give a shite, drink coffee, leave and the world carries on as normal.
    Weeks later you see the report, all your gripes were pointless as nothing happens, the parent unit support you were promised amounts to a couple of posters showing up in the post. and thats about it.

    Just my humble opinion of course :D

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  5. Hit the nail right on the head.

    Just a chance for senior officers to large it up-
    Inspecting Officer - "do you know who I am?"
    Cadet Recruit - "no Sir"
    Inspecting Officer - "I'm the Colonel, I'm in charge of all the cadets in the area"
    Cadet Recruit - "So!?"

  6. Well said that man. Seems like a pointless exercise if nothing positive happens as a result
    Have done a few myself of late and at all of them have found issues raised on last report which have simply not been addressed. Some if it basic stuff like broken security lights, lack of training aids etc.

    Shame really.
  7. what you don't want is a "Below Average" , its probably a way of keeping DCs on their toes if nothing else and a chance for the cadets to show off.

    don't expect anymore than that, it would be nice to see something positive from it, if you do, treat it like a surprise.
  8. Like it has been said is a good way to keep DCs on their toes.
    To get below average then you must be a complete chopper!
    If the detachment is ran well then it isnt an issue more of a interuption in training.

    Do you guys get your reports back?

    My thinking is its a way of justifying the cadet forces in order to maintain a cut of the defence budget!
    A Necessary evil if you ask me!

  9. Ditto. I have been present at many of these as a cadet and as a CFAV. True, you should aim to avoid a below standard, but when I was a cadet, our DC scored a "refusal to inspect"! partly cos he was a pup DC and partly cos the cadets had got wind of what was happening, and after he had ranted at us only myself and two others bothered to turn up. Normal expectation should be standard to above standard. Basically they are a good thing, because the inspecting officers usually have a nose for bull dung, in my experience, and you can't mask poor admin and training with one nights supreme effort, so it ensures that the kids are getting the standards they should get.
  10. At my school we used to get a 1 Star plus arriving by helicopter. The poor ACF Dets I had the pleasure of inspecting had the honour of Capt Plume arriving in a self-driven hire car...

    Saying this I was quietly honoured to be asked to do the inspections, and believe me the 1 Stars I reported to took the resultig reports very seriously indeed (and would call in the inspecting officer for clarification of any contentious issues/to issue a stiff kick in the arrse if the report did not show sufficient effort).

    I also hope that by sitting down with the senior Cadets & having a chat that I may have given useful advice about a Reg/TA career & also got their views, stright from the horses' mouths, even if it took some time for them to relax...
  11. Occasionally, yes.

    I had one a few years ago where the inspecting officer gave a glowing report to the detachment, both cadets and staff, then proceeded with a monologue about his disgust at the state of repair of the building and how he had never seen such squalor in a military establishment and how County HQ were incompetent monkeys etc.......

    Had the builders in two weeks later.
  12. Part of me think the inspections are good, the other part not so. For our inspection this year, we had been told that a Captain from London District would be coming, it was all planned, the calls had been made etc. Come the night, no-one turned up. The Colonel was contacted and he said that our Company 2i/c should do the inspection, as he was the only person available. A bit annoying due to all the effort that went in but what can you do? 3 weeks later down the unit, a car pulls up and out jumps a Fusilier Captain stating he's come to do an inspection. SNAFU.
  13. To my shame, I was involved in a similar incident. Bde pushes out the inspection responsibilities by unit. Local unit calls up, asks to swap inspections as their blokes couldn't do it on the date requested. Our lot agrees, swaps their early date with my later date.

    I do the inspection. Visit goes well (good unit, I thought, and I said so). Asked what they wanted me to complain about on their behalf.

    Month later, our mob gets an irate phone call from the swapped inspection - why hadn't I turned up? Turns out the "other" unit hadn't closed the loop with their inspecting officer. Hugely embarrassing.

    The only peeve I had was that we didn't have a typist, there was all sorts of b*tching about how reports should be typed up in font X on a typewriter, I ended up handwriting in my neatest script. I at least hope that the report is now a Word template rather than still a fourth generation photocopy...