Annual Inspection

I’m carrying out an Annual Inspection at an ACF Detachment soon. I’ve not done this before or had much contact with Cadets. I’m happy about what forms I need to complete, but how can I ensure that my visit helps the unit. A good motivational chat while on parade? Tell them how great our regiment is? I want to help as any organisation that tries to keep our children on the straight and narrow gets my vote.


You will obviously speak to the DC while you are there and he will be able to brief you on what the detachment needs to do a better job and or recruit more or whatever the DC sees to be beneficial for the future of the cadets in his charge now, and the cadets he will have in his charge in the near future.

Motivational speeches are great but like everything with cadets need to be kept short and to the point, good turn out, excellent detachment thanks for your efforts over the year, and a little bit about how the regiment and the army values their contribution, in a few words big them up a little, and if the DC has any certificates or badges to hand out then ask if he would like you to present them.

But one of the key things is remember that the ACF is not the Army and that we do our best with limited resources, in some cases very limited resources.

Btw it is good to see somebody who will be inspecting an ACF unit taking a little interest in what they are about to do, the last inspecting officer I had was more than a little disinterested (and that is being kind), Thanks

To be honest, our nominated Inspecting Officer didn't turn up year before last and didn't send his return in last year! All this and his office is about 30 yards from mine!

One hint (and this is in no way casting doubt on your character), Inspecting Officers often promise the world in terms of support and equipment. Please don't promise it unless you can provide it, we've heard the promises so many times and rarely do they herald any results.
agree with the above, be honest.

Rather than promising stuff leave your details with the DC and ask him to contact you if he's needing help as say you will look into it at the time, PROVIDING you are prepared to do so.

also ask him if there are any specific issues they would like included in the report, i.e. if they are sharing a building are they getting any support from the other resident. If they are getting good support I'd mention it as it should feed back to those guys too.

Lastly take the opportunity to speak to the Cadets, preferably without the DC around, see what they enjoy and if there are things they want to do, you can then speak to the DC and find out how these are being done.

I've done a couple of these now and always find them very enlightening. I would recommend that every TA officer does one as part of their development.
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