Annual Inspection

Discussion in 'ACF' started by devexwarrior, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. I have just taken over command of a unit with responsibility for the Annual Inspection of several Cadet units. What usually happens on these events?
  2. Why several? are you an area commander or a det commander?
  3. We are a regular sub unit. All the contingents in the area are assigned contingents to inspect. I think I have 4 to do spread over the year. I know it is an occasion for the contingent in question and want to make sure I contribute to the occasion as well as carrying out an ffective inspection.
  4. devexwarrior
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    Hope its of use!

  5. inspect cdts
    inspect paperwork
    inspect toilets
    drink tea
    eat biscuits
    promise loads of regular help, which of course you will not mean
    hand out badges,tapes cups etc
  6. And on the other side of the coin:

    Allow Inspecting Officer to inspect the Cadets. In the event that like my 1 Stars they have mostly only ever met one Officer, namely self, smile with silent mirth as they spend the whole evening calling the IO "Maam" :D
    Spend ages laying out paperwork which the Inspecting Officer does not understand anyway.
    Put a new loo roll in the toilet.
    Make pointless cup of tea.
    Hand out pointless biscuits with above.
    Listen to lots of plattitudes about regular help which you know is not meant.
    Get Inspecting Officer to hand out badges, tapes, cups etc. Note to self: collect them back in first so that IO will have something to give out again.
    Hope IO leaves quickly before Cadets realise that actually something utterly pointless is going on.
    Answer pointless Cadet post-visit questions like "Ooo is ee then Maam?" and "Will ee be coming back or wot then Maam?"

    Ho Hum. Ours is due next month.
  7. Speak to the SO2 Cdts at Bde and he will give you the run down as your report goes up to the Bde Cmdr. Might also be useful to touch base with the County cadet executive officer (CEO) who is their full-time staff officer and almost always ex reg in the ACF rank of Maj. Take your badge with you, it will confuse the kids and put the walts (if any!) in their place!
  8. Anything from you looking at whatever you need to in doer to complete the standard report here
    through to the detatchment putting on a full on parade, stands, etc to let the kids show off a bit.

    It is really up to the det commander. We try to find out who the IO is and make contact beforehand with info about what we intend, so it may be a nice idea for you to contact the DC and ask how he wants to play things.