Annual floods - time for a change?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. From the Beeb website:

    This happens every f*!*ing year! Do we have a collective memory span of 364 days, or a mass erasing of the data banks in summertime? Is it beyond the wit of mankind to implement flood defences? The cost of these must be far less than the annual cleanup cost of these floods?!?!? :roll:
  2. or how about choosing NOT to live in a flood plain???:D

    agent smith
  3. or for the jocks

    agent smith

    Or not. The twats at SPEA havent even got round to making the flood plain maps!

    how can those south of the border have them, and yet we cant? :evil:
  4. How about making the useless Environment Agency dredge the bloody rivers?
  5. To what end exactly?
  6. To what end?

    Properly dredged rivers a) flow faster clearing storm water more quickly and b) without metres of sludge on the bottom have greater general capacity.

    The Severn flooded much less often and seriously for the centuries that it was maintained as navigable from Ironbridge (and beyond) to the sea. Now that the EA no longer bothers to keep the river clear much beyond Gloucestershire everywhere upriver gets regular floods.
  7. So no contribution then from sealed surfaces in rapidly expanding urban areas, well drained (arguably over drained) fields and deforestation?
  8. Of course stupid planners building on flood plains have a lot to answer for, although I would dispute that field drainage is significantly better than over the last century (in the West at least), this is irrelevent anyway as most fields have been waterlogged for weeks. The area of woodland in England and Wales is supposed to be actually increasing along the major rivers with the exception of the Thames.

    There is however, significantly less capacity in most rivers, with the exception of the Thames again which is still regularly dredged to maintain navigability. Strangely enough I can't recall the Thames having anywhere near as many significant floods in recent years as the Severn or the Wye.
  9. Tributaries of the Thames didn't suffer as many "improvements" as those of the Severn.
    One of the causal factors of recent flooding has been the improved drainage of land. This also leads to a falling of the water table, as precipitation runs off before it has time to soak down much below the subsoil level.
    This is one reason why the EA are no longer straightening out watercourses - it merely moves the flooding downstream.

    Building on floodplains.
    Climate change.
    Upland drainage.

    All are a factor, plus we tend forget that there have always been floods to some extent.
  10. The hopeless DEFRA Minister Elliott Morley (who looks remarkably porcine), was on the News, waffling about climate change as a way of avoiding questions about the lack of flood warnings.

    Apparently pollution's to blame for global warming, so can we now expect Bliar to get on to his best mate Bush43, leader of the world's most polluting nation, and get him to do something? Somehow, I doubt it.